Dante Labs submits to the British Parliament inquiry on commercial genomics, defending freedom of choice

Dante Labs has submitted a short response, entitled Commercial Genomics, to the UK Parliament’s House of Commons Science and Technology Committee inquiry.

The Science and Technology Committee launched an inquiry into commercial genomic testing, to establish the safeguards to be put in place in order to protect individuals who are tested.

Dante Labs’ submission provides background on commercial genomic testing in the UK, its views on the benefits of genomic testing, and its views on the importance of people being free to choose where to have their DNA tested.

Specifically, Dante Labs’ response covers four key points of genomic testing:

  1. The benefits to individuals and citizens of commercial genetic tests.
  2. The technology used by commercial genomic companies.
  3. The interpretation of the results.
  4. Freedom of choice.

“At Dante Labs, we welcome the interest in genomic tests shown by the Science and Technology Committee of the Parliament of the United Kingdom,” declared Dante Labs CEO Andrea Riposati. “We take the opportunity to stress the importance of people having a variety of options to get their DNA analyzed.”

In its response, Dante Labs stresses the following.

  1. Individuals, especially patients with genetic and rare diseases, benefit from access to commercial genetic tests.
  2. The belief that commercial genomic companies use technology inferior to that of academic centres and hospitals is mistaken.
  3. Commercial genomic companies can offer more advanced technologies, customized analysis, and lower costs than local entities.

We believe in freedom and knowledge,” Riposati continues. “The DNA belongs to the individual. People have the right to learn about their DNA and have the right to choose where to have it analysed.”

To read the full response, click here.

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