Couples need more than patience to get through this pandemic

Divorce rates are up. Teleworking is the new normal. Lockdowns come, and go, and come again. Couples need new ways to manage stress as this pandemic becomes a long-term way of life.

And just when couples need it most, finding help is harder than ever. 

Therapists are booking up, and with lockdown measures are still in place, couples need new tools if they want to stay together.

Launched in the wake of the first wave of the pandemic and the first book of its kind, Love In and Out of Lockdown gives couples insight, activities, and stories to motivate them to learn together and even enjoy lockdown.

“It’s natural that couples struggle during times of emergency. The difference now is that this emergency is across entire cities and countries,” reports Christine Nisan, a psychotherapist and co-author of Love In and Out of Lockdown. “My schedule is full. And there are even more couples out there who aren't comfortable going the route of therapy. They need tools at their disposal, and they need them now.”

Written as though chatting with a friend, the book offers fresh perspective on being confined together. Several real couples share funny and cringe-worthy stories about how they survived the first lockdown, giving hope to those who feel they are at the end of their rope.

“Curfews, lockdowns, and distancing measures have been hard on everyone. It’s a lot of pressure on a relationship to spend so much time together,” says Eden E. Wolfe, co-author. “My husband and I had to figure it out. I found myself asking other couples how they had managed to stay together while others fell apart. The wisdom was too important to keep to myself. We had to write this book to help couples survive this crisis together."

Filled with actionable insights, activities to do together or alone, and some laugh-out-loud moments to keep things light, the book offers new tools to couples as they navigate the ups and downs of this pandemic.

Available now and in time for Christmas on Amazon, Kobo, Apple and other online retailers, Love In and Out of Lockdown is the first pandemic-specific guide to getting through with your partner.

Couples will find topics such as:

  • What's happening in your brain during stressful times
  • Understanding your triggers so that you can manage them better
  • Communicating in the languages of love that your partner understands
  • Dealing with ‘Hot Potato’ topics that could derail your relationship
  • Finding and keeping yourself happy


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Couples need more than patience to get through this pandemic