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Now that ‘the psychic’ can be explained….

To ‘pre-call’ is a new term-concept which means to ‘summon to mind beforehand’. It’s the temporal opposite to ‘re-call’ - which means to ‘summon to mind again or afterwards’.

Pre-call “makes more sense” of old, failed and contra-scientific ‘psychic’ notions like telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, ESP. As its originator, Galway academic Dr. Sean T. O’Donnell, explained in an hour-long lecture to The Society for Psychical Research (SPR - London) on June 1.

Suppose for example you suddenly think of someone far distant, who then unexpectedly contacts you by phone. If this sort of thing happens often, you might well suspect ‘telepathy’.

But scientifically it’s better to consider pre-call - that you’re just in the habit of ‘thinking forward’ to your next phone contact.

Pre-call “makes more sense” scientifically because it accords with space-time – Einstein’s 4-dimensional version of Relativity. Space-time describes reality as consisting of space which is similar to, and indissolubly united with, time. As distinct from space and time being very different entities, which ‘common-sense’ (sic) would have us believe.

Be that as it may, the physical reality of space-time is now inescapable and obvious: it plays an indispensable role in the Global Position System (GPS), which increasingly runs the modern world. For example, the Internet, international TV, driverless tractors, SatNavs, smart-phones……

Yet space-time’s strange psychological consequences are still very much unexplored. For, as Einstein said, it shows that “The common distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, although a persistent one

Whence cosmologists like Stephen Hawking have frequently wondered “Why can’t we remember the future?” To which oxymoron O’Donnell now further queries “But has anyone ever really tried before?”

He also notes that – however incredible it may seem - people do sometimes appear to experience weak ‘memories of the future’. As in that phone-call anticipated above. A sequence now more understandable in pre-call terms.

O’Donnell describes pre-call as an innate, occasional and strongly censored mental faculty. But with proper understanding, it can still be developed (and taught!) as a rigorous new intellectual skill. This applies to some half-dozen different learned modes: card ‘guessing’, roulette, numbered people, etc.

And it should find practical use in a wide variety of situations – from financial forecasting, through crime detection to innovation and creativity.

Finally, O’Donnell reports significant partial success, in a recent collaboration to pre-call Lotto outcomes. So that outright winning should eventually be feasible, given further development of pre-call skills.

Overall therefore, the physical reality of space-time is now evident and obvious, from those increasing GPS applications in our daily lives. While its psychological consequences can be investigated further through O’Donnell’s new pre-call idea.

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Sean gained M.Sc. in marine biochemistry at Galway University, and then Ph.D. at University of Edinburgh. As science correspondent to national daily “Irish Press” for 17 years, he specialised in innovation and the history of ideas.

He assembled the first correlated history of Irish science in “Famous Irish Scientists” series (Technology Ireland).

As part of a lifelong interest in time and its properties he wrote a biography of Sir William Rowan Hamilton – 1983. (He was the first to call for a ‘New Science of Pure Time’ back in 1833.) Sean likewise conducted a 16-hr course on “The Mystery of Time” at NUIG (National University of Ireland, Galway) between 1988 and 2,000.

He has also written 3 books on apparent time anomalies:

1/ Future, Memory and Time – 1997

2/ “ “ “ “ - revised as ebook 2015

3/ The Paranormal Explained – 2007

Dr. O’Donnell is a regular speaker at the annual SPR Conferences. And has published over a dozen peer-reviewed articles on the general relation between psi (the technical term for ‘psychic’ awareness) and time.

(Full details of SPR Lecture (June 1, 2017) are given in <>)

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