Consult Zee Ltd Add Value to Business Brand through Their Online Presence

Sheffield based company, Consult Zee Ltd are focused on further enhancing their personal relationships with customers and suppliers. Building a strong online presence has assisted with this and the firm report higher levels of engagement since the roll-out of this strategy.

As a direct marketing company, Consult Zee Ltd promotes and markets their client’s products and services throughout the UK, working on business to business, business to consumer and events marketing campaigns. Not only does Consult Zee Ltd have to do this for other companies, but it is important to keep engagement levels high in their own company as well.

Social Media has proved to create a long term positive presence for people, organisations and products all over the world. Online sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are used daily by a very wide range of people. Just a website is rarely enough media coverage for a whole company, so the use of social media sites will increase ranking and visibility in the search engine listings, getting much more media coverage for the business.

Social media is a great form of broadcasting business strategies and ideas, attracting new customers at all times. A recent Survey found that 21% of internet users consider online advertising to be the most relevant advertising system. Consult Zee Ltd have their own company pages set up on many social media sites. These attract a great amount of attention and encourage readers to share their own ideas and responses with the company. “We want to communicate directly with our customers and clients. Social media allows us to keep them updated with the firm’s latest ideas, and is more of an informal and interactive way to broadcast these. Consult Zee Ltd rely on loyalty and lasting customer relationships, and our social media sites help us maintain the strong relationships we have with our customers and clients,” says Affy Hussain, at Consult Zee Ltd.

Social media allows a business to be kept up to date and in competition with other companies. A survey of more than 100 regional marketers who were asked about their use of social media to promote their businesses, finds that more than 90% use Facebook pages to promote their company brand and raise awareness. It can give businesses a significant advantage over their competitors, which Consult Zee Ltd have recently realised, with a huge boost in viewings of their social media pages over the past couple of months.

Consult Zee Ltd aim to respond and add to their Social media sites daily in order to keep their customers satisfied and up to date with their new and existing ideas.

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Consult Zee Ltd Add Value to Business Brand through Their Online Presence