Concilio Solutions: The Vital Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration

As part of their on-going mission to inspire the young professionals of the sales and marketing industry, Concilio Solutions have examined the different effects motivation and inspiration can have on success.

About Concilio Solutions:

Based in Newcastle, Concilio Solutions are revolutionising the way brands approach sales and marketing. The firm believes that in this day and age, connecting with customers online, or through mass marketing techniques is no longer effective – as the frequency that customers are subjected to these forms of marketing means that the majority are growing desensitised to them. Instead, the firm is pioneering a more personal and meaningful marketing approach by meeting with consumers one on one through pop-up events and promotions. Through these customer interactions, the firm is able to understand more about each consumer and offer a service which is tailored to their unique needs. This secures their clients a higher rate of brand loyalty, a stronger market reputation, and a more consistent ROI.

Due to this fresh take on sales and marketing, Concilio Solutions is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the industry’s young professionals – helping them to build new skills and secure a bright future in what is becoming one of the UK’s fastest growing industries. As part of this commitment, the firm offers a wide range of development opportunities, such as optional skills workshops and mentoring, and the chance to attend a variety of national conferences and networking events.

In their most recent workshop, the firm discussed the differences between motivation and inspiration and shared how understanding these differences can drive greater professional success. The firm outlined how anyone can be motivated by being told they can do something and that they are awesome, however for this motivation to transform into action – people also need to be inspired to do something. Inspiration is the fuel, the vision that drives a person forward. The firm is adamant that motivation doesn’t inspire action, however, when a person is inspired they will naturally be motivated to move towards their goals.

To further highlight the subtle differences between motivation and inspiration, Concilio Solutions’ Managing Director, Paul Tapscott shared the words of renowned author Kenneth J. M. MacLean. MacLean states that motivation often comes from external sources and is in many ways a reflex – when someone else persuades, cajoles, or coerces a person into doing something. Whilst it is possible for people to experience self-motivation or motivation which is a more free choice, without inspiration to support it these initial good intentions are hard to maintain.

Inspiration, on the other hand, is entirely self-generated and comes from within. Whilst someone may find inspiration from an outside source, the impact of it is only generated due to a real emotional response which can’t be fabricated. Inspiration results in a feeling of excitement and well-being, and a desire to get into action immediately.

“I believe that there is a subtle and powerful distinction between motivation and inspiration," states Paul Tapscott of Concilio Solutions "People need to ask themselves what really inspires them if they want to build momentum – I’m inspired by freedom and this pushes me to keep moving forward, even through the tough times.”

Specialising in face-to-face sales and marketing services, Concilio Solutions are on the forefront of customer engagement and brand awareness. The firm support brands in forming more meaningful connections with their customers, driving sales and improving market reach. By engaging with their clients’ customers one-on-one, the firm is able to deliver a competitive, personalised service which builds a memorable and unique experience for each customer they meet on their clients’ behalf.

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