Concilio Solutions Review Legendary Entrepreneurs Who Started from the Bottom

To help aspiring entrepreneurs stay on course and continue to work towards their goals, Concilio Solutions have shared some inspiring stories of famous entrepreneurs who built their empires from nothing.

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Everyone loves a rag to riches story, but is it really possible to build a lasting legacy from nothing in today's business world? Concilio Solutions are adamant that it is, and that doing so can help shape a person to become a more influential and successful entrepreneur. The firm believes that starting from the bottom has many great advantages; firstly the experience can make an individual a better problem solver, a skill which forms the foundations for business success. Whilst their more advantaged counterparts may have been able to use their connections and privileges to swerve challenges, those who start out with nothing are forced to face them head on, and as a result are able to build up a wider skill set and knowledge base. Those who work their way up within an industry are also likely to benefit from greater respect when working within a leadership role, as they will have a greater understanding and connection with those they are leading, having been in their position previously. This connection allows them to be not only fairer leaders, but offer practical support and guidance that can help those within their team to grow and expand their own leadership capabilities.

Concilio Solutions believes there is nothing more rewarding in business than for a professional to start from the bottom and work their way up, however the firm are aware that for many, this may seem like an unobtainable dream. To provide motivation and prove that with the right mind-set anything is possible, the firm have shared two of their favourite rags to riches stories from the world of business.

John Paul DeJoria

Despite his humble beginnings, John Paul DeJoria is now a highly successful business owner and investor. DeJoria's journey began when he was forced to take up work as a janitor and a tow truck driver to make ends meet. Wanting more from life, he was always on the lookout for new opportunities and his big break came when he was working for a hair care company. Along with his colleague Paul Mitchell, DeJoria took out a business loan of $700 and together they grew a business which today achieves an estimated annual sales revenue of over $1 billion dollars.

Steve Jobs

It's hard to believe that the world's largest and most iconic technology company started life in Steve Job's parents' garage. Yet, with a lack of venture capital this is exactly how Jobs and his business partner Steve Wolzniak started their empire back in 1976. The pair's passion and determination pushed Apple to the forefront of the computer industry, and Job's talents and influence within the industry were highlighted by Apple's pleas for him to return to the business after a brief departure in the 90s.

Concilio Solutions are leading providers of outsourced customer service and marketing solutions. Working within one of the UK's fastest growing industries the firm are committed to developing the next generation of industry leaders and as such, offer their contractors a range of business opportunities through which they can further their skills and progress into leadership. Through these opportunities Concilio Solutions encourage young professionals to work towards their goals and face challenges head on, teaching them that anything is possible with determination, hard work and vision.

Concilio Solutions is an energetic and ambitious outsourced sales and marketing company situated in the heart of Newcastle.

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