Concilio Solutions Outline What Can be Learnt From the World’s Most Successful

In a recent meeting with future entrepreneurs, Concilio Solutions shared some of the most crucial lessons that can be learnt from the super successful.

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In a bid to inspire budding entrepreneurs, sales and event marketing firm Concilio Solutions recently held a meeting on the lessons that can be learnt from some of the world’s most famous business minds, many of whom built their empires from nothing. The firm shared how entrepreneurial icons such as Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey can teach people not only that hard work pays off, but regardless of background, education, experience or gender everyone has the potential for greatness.

In the meeting Managing Director Paul Tapscott explained that the super successful like Winfrey and Branson possess a particular set of skills and attributes that have allowed them to make better choices and take control of their futures. He was keen to address that these skills span all industries and that it is impossible to achieve success without honing these attributes to some degree.

Here, Concilio Solutions have shared 9 lessons professionals can learn from the super successful in order to develop the attributes that drive success.

Successful People Invest In Themselves

This means that they never stop learning and are committed to self- development. “The minute you stop investing in yourself the minute you've written off future dividends in life,” outlines Paul Tapscott of Concilio Solutions.

Surround Yourself with Winners

In business, a professional is the average of the 5 people they spend the most time with. This means that if they want to get ahead, they should do all they can to spend time with people who are more successful and who will push them to try harder.

Take Responsibility for Your Losses

“Always take ownership of any situation,” warns Paul Tapscott. “In business it’s ok to make mistakes, however it is not ok to shy away from responsibility and leave others to clean up after you.


There will always be areas a professional is stronger than others in and areas where they may need help. Leveraging and sharing skills with others increases productivity and forms mutually beneficial connections.

Take Risks

Entrepreneurial minded people are not scared of taking risks. Professionals should think big and make decisions others would cower away from if they want to get ahead.

Don’t do it Alone

“It takes team work to make the dream work!” states Paul Tapscott. During trying times, it pays for entrepreneurs to have a strong support network around them.

Be Relentless

Just because a professional fails 100 times, doesn’t mean they can’t succeed the 101st time.

Invest in Oratory Skills

Part of being a responsible entrepreneur is sharing experiences and advice with the next generation and this requires spot on oratory skills. Professionals should strive to boost their public speaking abilities and look for new ways to give their confidence a boost.


Speaking to the same people over and over kills innovation and results in people being unable to retain the information they are being told. “We call it DAD syndrome,” states Paul Tapscott. ‘Your dad tells you off over and over again and in the end you never apply it because it’s the same drone all the time.” Professionals should aim to network with as many different people as possible to widen their perspectives.

Concilio Solutions believe that these lessons and attributes don’t just translate to wins within the business environment, but give general life success and can help professionals become better people.

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