Concilio Solutions Investigate Why Entrepreneurs Fail

Sales and marketing firm Concilio Solutions look to answer the biggest, most urgent question currently in business – why do so many entrepreneurs fail?

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Despite a huge number of people throughout the world harbouring some sort of dream of starting a business, very few actually take the steps to make these dreams happen. Of those that do; a worrying number fail to get their new venture past the 1 year mark, with Bloomberg recently estimating that 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail within their first 18 months in business.

But why are so many entrepreneurs failing? Concilio Solutions, a young sales and marketing startup work regularly with aspiring entrepreneurs and have isolated some of the key factors that are contributing to failure in the business world. The firm are eager to share these factors with young entrepreneurs in order to help them prepare and build up the experience and knowledge needed to overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship. The firm are concerned that the current failure rate in the UK could have a serious impact on youth entrepreneurship and put people off pursuing a future in business.

To remedy the problem within the sales and marketing industry, Concilio Solutions offer young professionals the chance to take part in a unique business development opportunity. Alongside their day-to-day responsibilities, the firm’s contractors are able to make the most of optional workshops, skill development seminars and networking events – where they can tap into a wealth of knowledge and learn from the industry’s best and brightest entrepreneurs.

To support the development of entrepreneurs across all industries, Concilio Solutions have shared what they believe to be the most common factors that are causing aspiring entrepreneurs to fall short.

Lack of Focus

Whilst many entrepreneurs start out with an idea of what they want to achieve, a worrying amount lack focus and purpose in their endeavours. They have no dream, no mission, no target and choose to go with the flow rather than follow a concrete plan. True, sustainable success is only achievable when an entrepreneur takes control and has a clear purpose and direction. Without this they are far more likely to crumble when faced with challenges.

Fear of Failure

Failure is just par for the course when it comes to entrepreneurship. Nothing of value can ever really be achieved without a little risk. Avoiding any situation that could potentially lead to failure means that an entrepreneur will never realise their true potential and will constantly be stuck in second gear.

Lack of Persistence

Some entrepreneurs run out of steam once the initial excitement of setting up shop dies down. This can be exacerbated should the business not perform as well as hoped in the first few months. Instead of sitting back, entrepreneurs need to push on and not let poor performance get to them. Entrepreneurs are the drivers of their businesses, so if things aren’t going their way it’s up to them to drum up interest and get their ventures back on track.

Concilio Solutions is an energetic and ambitious outsourced sales and marketing company situated in the heart of Newcastle. The firm specialises in acquiring new customers for clients and providing an excellent customer experience.

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