Concilio Solutions Investigate Why Compartmentalising is Crucial

The outsourced sales and marketing firm, Concilio Solutions has exclusively revealed their research into compartmentalising and have detailed how this important coping strategy is integral to leading a successful life.

Based in the heart of Newcastle, Concilio Solutions is a brand new sales and marketing company that specialise in acquiring new customers for their clients and providing high-quality customer service.

About Concilio Solutions:

Concilio Solutions have built a reputation in the industry for their commitment to developing the next generation of industry leaders. They offer optional meeting and workshops for their young workforce, where they can improve their skills and develop their understanding of the business sector.

Managing Director Paul Tapscott is renowned for delivering insightful and inspiring talks to young professionals, and he recently revealed that he would be discussing the importance of compartmentalising in an upcoming meeting.

Compartmentalising can be described as a psychological defence mechanism that enables the mind to process and deal with conflicting issues simultaneously. Paul believes that compartmentalisation is a crucial skill to have as a young entrepreneur.

He says “The Titanic was built in compartments so that if the ship flooded, compartments could be closed to contain the water and keep the ship afloat. However, due to the sheer number of passengers on board - there was too much luggage crammed into the compartments, which prevented many of the doors closing correctly. This resulted in water entering and sinking the ship.”

Paul Tapscott plans to use this as the focus for this meeting on compartmentalising. He hopes that this visual representation will illustrate how damaging emotional ‘baggage’ can be if it is allowed to fill the mind. Paul believes that if people go to work with this baggage filling and distracting their minds, it prevents them from achieving their goals and significantly risks their chances of success.

During this meeting, Mr Tapscott hopes to help professionals understand that to achieve professional and personal success; it is imperative to put unimportant things to the back of their minds and only focus on the task at hand.


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Concilio Solutions Investigate Why Compartmentalising is Crucial