Concilio Solutions Celebrate Contractor Success

Sales and marketing firm Concilio Solutions were thrilled to celebrate the achievements of one of its independent contractors recently and took the achievement as an opportunity to have some fun outside the office.

About Concilio Solutions:

Specialising in face-to-face sales and marketing services, Concilio Solutions help brands to form meaningful connections with their customers, driving sales and improving market reach. The firm has found that by engaging with customers one-on-one, they can deliver a competitive, personalised service which builds memorable customer experiences and improves relations between brands and their target audiences. Improving customer relationships is a growing priority for brands, especially in the wake of the digital revolutions, which saw many brands introduce automated customer services. While these digital customer service avenues can be convenient and serve a greater quantity of consumers, they fail to offer the same level of personalisation as face to face communication, which has led to customers crying out for opportunities to interact with real brand representatives. Concilio Solutions is working hard to offer cost effective, face to face sales and marketing services that put the customer first – providing a tailor-made brand experience and helping brands to improve their market reach and ROI.

Due to the ever increasing need for personalised customer service solutions, Concilio Solutions has committed to advancing the skills and knowledge of its young workforce – so that they can help the sales and marketing industry to thrive in the future. The firm offers its workforce the opportunity to take part in daily workshops, which focus on building business skills and are a fantastic source of motivation. The company also provide great mentoring opportunities – allowing their young professionals the chance to work in close collaboration and discuss ideas with some of the industry's best and brightest.

Concilio Solutions were thrilled to see the sum of these efforts last week, as one of their independent contractors was revealed to have made significant progress within the industry. The young professional in question started working with the firm with no previous sales or marketing experience and has since gone on to become one of Concilio Solutions' most experienced and highly skilled professionals, who has contributed considerably to the success of the firm's sales and marketing campaigns.

Being incredibly proud of the contractors' journey to success, Concilio Solutions was on hand to celebrate this fantastic achievement. The firm recently held a meeting in the contractor's honour, where he was invited to speak to other young professionals and share his experience, motivation and insights into what it takes to thrive in the sales and marketing industry. After this meeting, Concilio Solutions was eager to escape the office and continue the celebrations – with the firm organising an outdoor activity day at a local archery park. This unique day out offered the lucky attendees the chance to have some fun by trying out their bow and arrow and tomahawk throwing skills.

After a great day, Concilio Solutions summed up the celebrations by sharing how they believe that the best way to reward success is to offer something out of the ordinary. The firm is adamant that providing a unique and memorable experience is vital to inspiring positive action and focus.

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