Complete One: Why being a good listener is vital to becoming successful in business

Sales and marketing specialists Complete One urge people to fine-tune their listening skills to maximise potential success rates.

Newcastle-based Complete One are confident that fine-tuning listening skills can enhance personal success across a variety of business situations. When building relationships and networking within business activities, professionals can be too keen to promote their abilities and accomplishments - it's important to understand the real asset they have is to listen and take an interest in those around them to achieve strong business links.

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Complete One share their top tips on enhancing those listening skills:

1. Make eye contact – When establishing or maintaining a new relationship, it is crucial to engage and collect a better understanding of a given situation. A clear indicator of interest in a conversation is good eye contact and NVC (non-verbal communication). The firm is confident that personal connections will be enhanced if eye contact and NVC is kept positive during a discussion.

2. Only ask one question at a time – When listening to a conversation, it is good practice to wait until the end to ask any inquiries to avoid too many interruptions or redundant questions that would instead be covered by the speaker. When raising queries, Complete One believe it is important to only challenge one at a time.

3. Pay attention – Regardless of multitasking ability, it is bad practice to become distracted when someone is speaking. Instead, pop down any mobile devices and engage fully, taking in all the conversation has to offer.

4. Do not talk – It is important when listening, to fully do so. It is easy to shut a person down with questions or feedback, but instead allow the other person time to speak and relay their information and opinions before responding.

Complete One offer mentoring services to local entrepreneurs and a common topic that often arises is how to improve listening skills, and the impact on personal relationship development. “When looking after another brand's customers, it is crucial to gather a full understanding of a consumer’s situation to maximise customer experience and build a positive relationship. Our independent contractors are developing new skills in listening and evaluating a client’s needs,” says Glen Lowe’s Managing Director of Complete One.

Complete One is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Newcastle. The company specialises in a personalised form of direct marketing, which allows them to make long-lasting connections with consumers on behalf of their clients’ brands. By utilising the human element, Complete One can deliver marketing strategies with ‘the personal touch’.


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