Complete One: Why a First Job in Sales is a Step in the Right Direction

Now in graduate season, Newcastle-based outsourced sales and marketing experts Complete One are advocating for graduates to begin their career with a job in sales, highlighting three main skills that it can bring.

Since they launched in 2012, Complete One have acquired vast experience working with graduates, and they have successfully coached and mentored many of those graduates, assisting them to become successful businessmen and women.

About Complete One:

The sales and marketing specialists argue that besides the ability to sell being the most sought after skill in the world, working in sales can teach many critical skills:

1. The art of selling

Complete One argue that no matter the industry, there is always an element of sales involved. “Whether you are selling a product or selling yourself, sales is everywhere,” commented Glen Lowes, Managing Director at Complete One. A survey of business leaders conducted by Hult International Business School revealed that strong sales skills was a top 10 critical skill of today’s workplace.

2. Communication skills

Gaining the confidence and ability to be able to communicate ideas and speak eloquently is important in any career. As with any skill, practice makes perfect, and a sales job is the perfect profession to master that skill. Complete One believes that sales also helps individuals learn how to speak to, and connect with different types of people – something that is borderline essential in business. “Great leaders have the ability to inspire through speech, and this is one of the best things that sales teaches you,” commented Mr Lowes.

3. Confidence

“Sales will force people out of their comfort zone and build their confidence,” claims Mr Lowes. The entrepreneur and business owner argues that closing deals and getting better at sales will help instil confidence. "Being able to speak to strangers and turn them into customers is a huge confidence booster and in both personal and professional ventures, confidence is a highly valuable tool,” commented Mr Lowes.

Complete One is one of the leading direct marketing and sales companies in the North East. The ambitious and dynamic firm specialise in customer acquisition through in-person promotions. Their expertise lies in increasing market share and raising brand awareness, for their client portfolio, through face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns. As graduates begin to make the transition from education into business, Complete One is encouraging them to make sales their first job.


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