Complete One review the winning characteristics of success

Newcastle-based direct sales and marketing specialists, Complete One believe that successful people share a set of characteristics that can be learned and applied.

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Complete One has vast experience working with developing minds, and they are confident in their opinion that characteristics of success are not solely innate, instead, can be coached and learnt. With varying studies concluding with the same conclusions Complete One often run workshops to encourage the development of healthy habits in their contractors. Success can be sought through learning new skills, but the power of establishing strong characteristics should not be underestimated. "By empowering workforces to broaden their approaches to daily life will organically produce improved opportunities for all within the business. We look to develop an independent workforce that can motivate others and improve our culture for support and success". Says a spokesperson for Complete One.

A recent workshop ran in the firm's education office revealed top five characteristics of success:

1. Confidence – Confidence is key to instilling trust from others. Researchers have concluded that confidence offers a greater return that past results when establishing and encouraging trust from others.

2. They are attentive and listen to others – Everyone likes to feel valued. By asking questions, maintaining eye contact and smiling are the simplest and most efficient ways of communicating an attentive nature.

3. They're passionate and show it – Emotions are contagious, charismatic individuals know how to channel their emotions to influence others positively. It is crucial for success to spend time with people who practice positive behaviours.

4. They are approachable – By displaying warm and relaxed body language, it will encourage others to reach out and will afford relationships to be strengthened through social interactions.

5. They are generous – Wharton School of Business's professor Grant concluded that there are three types of people in the world, givers, takers and matches. Successful people can offer without expectation.

Complete One, a premier sales and event marketing firm were delighted by the results of the study and believe it's important for small businesses to remain enthusiastic about becoming invested in the personal development of their employees. Small businesses should embrace their ability to improve their business's through existing workforces, it not only boosts productivity but also encourages loyalty to the company and supporting a stronger company culture.

The firm will continue to offer additional resources to encourage their contractors to maintain a commitment to exploring new ways of boosting their skills.


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