Complete One discover self-confidence as the most important trait for success

Newcastle-based event promotions specialists Complete One have vast experience coaching and mentoring different types of individuals, and the one trait they have found to be most important for achieving success is self-confidence.

Since their launch in 2012, Complete One have extended their market reach across the UK into Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sheffield and York. Throughout that time, Managing Director Glen Lowes has gained experience working with and mentoring many people, and he has determined self-confidence to be one of the most important traits for success. Complete One have shared their ‘how to’ guide to help people boost their self-confidence.

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1. Think positive

Self-confidence is a state of mind, claims Complete One, and the firm argue that changing thoughts changes results, “a positive mind attracts positive results. Retraining your brain to let go of any negativity and focus on the positives can pay dividends,” said Mr. Lowes.

2. Eliminate negativity

The most confident people can eliminate all negative influences, allowing them to maintain and achieve a confidence in their own ability to complete tasks. Complete One argue that negative thoughts and insecurities affect everyone, but it’s how they deal with them that differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful.

3. Focus on personal growth

At Complete One they are passionate about development, and through on-going coaching and mentoring - as well as educational and motivational workshops and seminars - the firm helps their staff and contractors to learn, grow and develop, both personally and professionally.

4. Dress for success

Complete One promote the idea that you should dress for the position you want, not for the position you’re in, and the firm encourages people to dress to impress. “No matter what level you're at, it’s important to dress for success. When you look good, you feel good and that boosts confidence too,” said Mr. Lowes.

5. Be prepared

Preparation is one of the most important elements for confidence, claims Complete One. Preparation gives people confidence in their abilities to perform. At Complete One they often refer to the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin – ‘by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’.

6. Set small, achievable goals

Most people lose confidence in themselves because they set themselves up for failure by setting goals that are out of reach. Complete One encourage people to focus on small, achievable goals. “The more someone achieves their goals the more confidence they will gain,” said Mr. Lowes.

7. Empower yourself with knowledge

“Knowledge is power and the more you know the further you can go,” said Mr. Lowes. Complete One contends that empowering yourself is one of the best strategies for building self-confidence. The event-marketing specialists believe that becoming more knowledgeable will simultaneously boost confidence.

At Complete One, they take great pride in having a nurturing working environment where they help people to expand their knowledge and skillset and boost their confidence, setting them up for future success.

Complete One is one of the fastest growing direct sales and marketing companies in the North East. The firm specialises in customer acquisition through event-based marketing campaigns.



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Complete One discover self-confidence as the most important trait for success