Combine Social Networking Links in one Link with additional features from BIOHUB.ME

Combine Social Networking Links in one Link with additional features from BIOHUB.ME

We are increasingly witnessing a very large acceleration in digital services, which is the easiest option for users to access them from anywhere, as well as their diversity between different platforms and low cost, which may reach in many platforms to zero cost

Today we are dealing with an emerging platform, which is the BioHub platform - which is a digital cloud tool for collecting and displaying personal links from various social networking sites and others in one link (smart link) no matter how many social networking sites are or differ without a specific number or limit of those links

Through the platform, which contains many diverse capabilities and capabilities, the platform enables you to easily access your official and personal sites and works on improving them to attract more visits to business pages or private pages, as well as increase the conversion rate, and improve multiple social communication between users from all over the world. Considering the multiplicity of social networking sites and their differences, the original links to these sites and accounts are usually long or difficult to memorize, or the names are similar or identical in the case of using the search by name. Or difficulty, with only one link (smart link) all users can access your social media accounts.

From here came the idea of ​​digital platforms that provide the smart link service, including the BioHub platform, which is the subject of our article today. And your accounts on social networking sites, through it and easily, can be accessed at any time and from anywhere, directly and with one link without the need to copy many links.

The link can be converted to a QR Code that is easy to read and published as an image or through various publications or even various displays from mobile to TV. All the users will do is scan this code to easily reach your social networking pages.

Eng. Eyab Mijwal, founder of the BioHub platform speaks and says that the smart link has become one of the most important options for users of social networking sites, as social networking sites and platforms are full of many links, and it is difficult to share them all.

Therefore, the thought was to establish the BioHub Smart Link platform, which is the first Arab platform concerned with managing social media accounts by unifying the link for personal, commercial, and institutional pages to achieve the best stable and stable means of communication for users over the coming years considering the different and development of social networking sites, BioHub platform was founded by Eng. Eyab Mijwal in 2020.

The platform has witnessed an acceleration in the growth of many users since its launch, and the visits of users of this platform quickly exceeded a half million visits through 120 countries to benefit from its services, which proved that those services provided through it are stable and always developed services.

We highlight the most important of these services provided:

  • The BioHub platform provides multiple premium templates
  • Monitor traffic and traffic on the link and its use
  • Unlimited number of sub-links
  • The possibility of adding renewed content to the page, such as RSS or YouTube clips
  • The ability to link the page to your personal domain
  • Detailed visitor reports and analytics
  • Password for the page for privacy
  • Constant update on the platform
  • You can set up a page that contains several links to services
  • 24/7 live technical support

Users can view the services of the platform through the following link

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Combine Social Networking Links in one Link with additional features from BIOHUB.ME