Combat Winter Colds with the Blueair Sense

Contrary to popular belief, catching a cold doesn’t necessarily come from being outside. In fact, sickness presents itself through contaminated air, meaning that your winter virus was actually contracted as a result of being indoors and breathing in someone else’s germs.

All About Air offer one of the most aesthetically and technologically advanced air purifiers, the Blueair Sense, which will help to remove these airborne allergens from your home or office. As the same air rotates around indoor spaces, the only way of keeping viruses out of your body is to filter them out of the air.

As the colder months are spent trying to stay as warm as possible, we tend to remain indoors a lot more, increasing the risk of becoming ill. Couple this with the festive stress of Christmas and New Year, and your susceptibility to illness is significantly heightened.

Contagious illnesses spread through the air, regardless of how careful you are in catching your sneeze inside a tissue or how many times you wash your hands. Microbial germs will still find their way into the atmosphere, and the best preventative measure you can take to avoid ingesting these is to have an air purifier.

The Blueair Sense uses a HEPASilentPlus™ filtration system that promises to remove 99.97% of harmful pollutants in the air – including unpleasant odours. The filter will last for up to 6 months, even if it is on all day and night, and the cost of the Blueaire Sense works out as less than 50p per day over 5 years.

The Blueair Sense is just one of the products in the collection of air products that All About Air provide from their website at

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