Collaborative Economy: AnRo State More Businesses Aim to Merge Marketing Communications

Over the last 12 months, there has been a 137% global increase in brands that advertise across multiple marketing channels. AnRo, a New Jersey based sales and marketing agency provides insight into why this is effective for brands.

With so many marketing avenues available to today’s businesses, choosing a successful approach can be tricky. Modern technology now allows people to connect anytime, anywhere, meaning many businesses are choosing to plough a majority of their resources into digital marketing. However by focusing solely on this approach businesses are running the risk of distancing themselves from their customers by failing to provide adequate human interaction, there’s only so much that can be achieved through digital content. New Jersey based sales and marketing agency AnRo believe the future of marketing lies in collaborating different marketing approaches for maximum impact and to achieve desired results.

There’s no doubt that online marketing is a great tool. Social media provides brands with the means of communicating with their customers almost 24/7. By engaging with individual customers and answering questions digital marketing can be a very effective way of building a brands personality. Many brands also use digital marketing on social media as a means of improving their customers reach, by posting competitions where the only requirement is to ‘share’ the post, businesses can increase their brand awareness in a relatively short period of time.

However, being popular online doesn’t always lead to overall brand success. To increase their brand awareness digitally, businesses are relying heavily on their customers to help them spread the word. Many brands also face the issue of how to encourage potential customers to follow through with the engagement online and purchase their products, ‘Likes’ or ‘follows’ on social media are great for boosting a brands personality but for these to make a significant impact on businesses ROI is incredibly difficult without employing an alternative marketing channel to support their online success.

AnRo is outsourced by clients looking to boost sales and capitalize on their online exposure. The firm has seen a significant boost in the number of household brands looking to improve their offline marketing after successfully developing brand awareness online.

AnRo highlight there are many invaluable insights for marketers seeking to reach relevant audiences through cost-effective cross-channel advertising strategies.

‘Most of our clients outsource us because they are getting great exposure online but are looking to improve their ROI. By combining our direct marketing strategies with their online communications they are able to see a boost in revenue’ says Gary McKinnon, Managing Director of AnRo.

By allowing clients the opportunity to meet with customers face to face, AnRo are helping clients to maintain the personality and values they’ve developed online, whilst providing a more unique and personalised customer experience. AnRo believe that by using a cross channel marketing approach as opposed to just digital present’s brands with the opportunity to turn potential leads into sales whilst maintaining a strong and honest brand personality.

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Collaborative Economy: AnRo State More Businesses Aim to Merge Marketing Communications