Coinscan is about to change crypto, forever, with its new trading tools.

Coinscan is about to change crypto, forever, with its new trading tools.

Los Angeles, CA (June 20, 2022) Coinscan prepares for the release of its groundbreaking trading tools as they exit beta.


Coinscan has two major draw ins for potential investors.

  • With Coinscan’s premium tool suite, users are able to enhance their trading abilities by analyzing tokens in ways that have been either impossible or out of reach for 99% of people. Ultimately, CoinScan is building the fastest, most precise, and most reliable crypto trading platform to ever exist!
  • Following the release of the Coinscan main-net, there will be a free version and a premium version of the platform. The free version will still include amazing features that outperform anything on the market, but the premium features are next level and are sure to bring a lot of attention to CoinScan once it becomes the go-to choice for crypto enthusiasts and first-time users alike!

Moving forward holders should feel relaxed after the team’s recent streak of success. The Coinscan platform has been in beta for several months now and the team has been non-stop working despite the bearish overall market conditions. Combine this with constant updates, engagement, marketing, and the upcoming main-net release, Coinscan is setting itself up to have a bulletproof foundation to grow massively.

With their new platform release, the team really hopes to bring people in with their branding which represents exactly who Coinscan is, what they stand for, and what they do. The bar in crypto is extremely low technologically and company structure-wise compared to that of legacy technology companies, which is precisely what Coinscan intends to change. Their premium yet friendly branding enables them to raise this bar by not only building trust and respect not only through the value of their tools, but through their branding simultaneously.


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"Coinscan plans to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency investing and DeFi (decentralized finance) by bringing the most powerful platform to everyone. Our mission is to make the daunting task of learning and understanding blockchain technology easy and quick to comprehend so it’s accessible to everyone. We offer this to all levels of traders and even some premium features/tools that can even take the seasoned veteran to the next level!" - Coinscan Team


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Coinscan is about to change crypto, forever, with its new trading tools.