Coffee and code - The love story

Coffe origin

Historians say coffee was discovered in Ethiopia by a goat shepherd called "Kaldi". One day, while driving his herd, Kaldi noticed that the animals would get restless after eating the fruit of a certain tree and decided to report the event to the leader of the local monastery, who became interested in the case and decided to make a drink from the fruit of this tree. After drinking, the abbot noticed a significant improvement in his level of attention, making it easier for him to stay awake and pray. He shared the discovery with other monks of the monastery and, little by little, the energizing properties of such tree became known everywhere.

Do you know?

Coffee became so popular around the world that, nowadays, it is the second most popular drink that exists, losing only to water in terms of amount ingested.

Few people know, but programming history began more than 100 years ago with Ada Lovelace, who developed an algorithm for the "Analytical Engine", an early form of a mechanical computer. If, however, we examine the history of the latest languages, which we still use today, we can establish the period between 1957 and 1959 as being the beginning of everything, with the creation of "FORTRAN", "LISP" and "COBOL" languages, developed for scientific purposes and used until today in devices such as ATMs and credit cards.

In fact programming played an extremely important role in accelerating the resolution of an old problem of humanity: data analysis. By creating software based on new languages, people become able to analyze stored data more quickly and efficiently.

Programmers are professionals who are used to working for hours in a row, sitting in front of their computers. Their work means sometime on dealing with endless codes and numbers that can make anyone dizzy and/or sleepy. The antidote for that? A good cup of coffee! No doubt a cup of coffee is one of the most common items on a programmer's desk. The drink has become almost a synonym for programming, being their main ally when facing long work hours.

Java: the biggest love

Do you want proof that programmers don't live without coffee? Have you ever heard of Java? This is one of the most popular computer languages that exist. Its name comes from the fact most programmers involved in its creation consumed large quantities of coffee from a local coffee shop, and Java was the name of the native land of the coffee they consumed and enjoyed. The company logo? Nothing better than a cup of coffee.

Programmers' taste for coffee can, at least in part, be explained by the chemical reaction that caffeine causes in our body. When "adenosine" joins their respective receivers, we get sleepy; when caffeine is present, however, the receivers give preference to caffeine, preventing adenosine to join them and not allowing that such sleepiness occurs, resulting a higher energy level after 5 minutes.

In an informal survey conducted by the website "DeveloperMedia", it was found approximately 84% of programmers consume at least 100 mg of caffeine a day.

Before going happily around drinking coffee to energize and program you must know our body has a tendency to develop certain intolerance to caffeine, making it necessary to increase the amount of caffeine in order to make the person energized again. Do you understand now why programmers drink so much coffee?

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Coffee and code - The love story