A family who have already gone above and beyond to raise £162,000 for The Sick Children’s Trust which supported them when their son was critically ill in hospital are holding two more special events in April to thank the charity.

Marcus and Laura Leverton, from Chesterfield, found themselves living every parent’s worst nightmare when their 18 month old baby son, Harry, was rushed to Sheffield Children’s Hospital after becoming seriously ill. While Harry underwent lifesaving treatment, the couple were given free ‘Home from Home’ accommodation at the charity’s Treetop House, just a lift ride away from their son’s bedside.

Eight years on, the family have never forgotten the support they received and have made it their mission to raise much-needed funds for The Sick Children’s Trust. Dad Marcus, Director at Leverton UK, is now organising the family’s latest charity balls. He says:

“You cannot put a value on having a safe, private space that is close to your sick child - and that’s exactly what The Sick Children’s Trust’s ‘Homes from Home’ provide. I’m an old fashioned type of person and I feel completely responsible for protecting my family. But when you are in that situation where someone you love is critically ill, it’s hard to always put on a brave front. Treetop House gave me the space and time to sit in a quiet room and gather my emotions so that when I went back to the ward I could be strong for my family.

“Harry was only 18 months old when he became seriously ill and was rushed to Sheffield Children’s Hospital to undergo specialist treatment for three viral infections which shut down his airways. He also suffered a bowel perforation which caused blood poisoning. Harry had to undergo surgery and was in intensive care and on a life support machine. When he was in the operating theatre I swore to myself that if my boy ever came back, I would do something to help other families who may find themselves in a similar situation.”

The Sick Children’s Trust runs ten ‘Homes from Home’ located at leading specialist paediatric hospitals across the country, two of which support families with children undergoing lifesaving treatment at Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Dad Marcus continues:

“The annual charity balls are something my whole family love to get involved with. My sons, Sam and Harry, really understand why we host them every year and so they always take it upon themselves to help. They are really good kids with big hearts and I’m very proud of them.”

The charity, which believes keeping families together significantly improves the recovery of sick children, provides its accommodation free of charge to families with seriously ill children in hospital. However it costs The Sick Children’s Trust £30 to support a family for one night and the charity relies entirely on voluntary donations to do this. Treetop and Magnolia House Manager, Ann Wyatt, says:

“We have attended the Leverton Ball every year and it’s amazing to see how much support The Sick Children’s Trust receives. The fact that Marcus and his family have already raised £162,000 is outstanding and with this money we have been able to keep 5,400 families together, just minutes from their child’s hospital bedside.

“We can’t wait to see what the Leverton Ball has in store for us this year and we know it will be nothing less than fantastic. If you’d like to join us in supporting the family’s fundraising efforts, please do get in touch with Marcus to find out more.”

The first Leverton Ball will be held at Chesterfield Football Club on Saturday 21 April and the second will follow at Casa Hotel, Chesterfield, on Saturday 28 April. At both events guests can look forward to an evening of live music, a diamond raffle, a live auction, and a few surprises along the way!

For more information and tickets please contact Marcus directly on 07811 182411 or

For further information about The Sick Children’s Trust, please visit

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