Charge Smart! Make Britain driving green! Jedlix is accelerating e-mobility in the UK with its new smart charging app

Charge Smart! Make Britain driving green!

Jedlix is accelerating e-mobility in the UK with its new smart charging app

We offer an award-winning smart charging app for electric vehicles. Our app helps you slash your energy bill by charging your electric vehicle at the lowest possible tariff. It also lets you earn cashback by offsetting each kWh you smart charge against the British energy grid. It even optimizes how much renewable energy you use when charging at home.

If you drive a Tesla, Renault ZOE 40, Jaguar I-PACE or a BMW i3, regardless of your charging equipment or your energy supplier, you can use the Jedlix app to take advantage of optimal electricity rates when charging at home.

And the best of all: it’s free!

Just download the Jedlix app from your preferred app store, set up your account, connect your vehicle, choose the service you want to use, and set your preferences for smart charging.

Jedlix is helping to make smart charging the new normal when it comes to replenishing your battery at home. Your mobility needs are always our top priority. Simply set the level of charge or the number of miles you need for your next journey, and Jedlix will make sure that you’re ready to go in time! 

Driving renewables forward

Jedlix is the leading smart charging service provider on the continent. We currently operate in six countries, charging thousands of cars via our platform to reduce the total cost of owning an electric vehicle. We allow electric vehicles to be sustainably inserted into the power grid, optimizing the amount of renewable energy used for charging.

We are now bringing our app, technology, and partnerships to you in the UK, furthering our prosumer mission to reduce carbon emissions, remove the need for fossil fuel power plants, maximize savings, and generate earnings together!

At Jedlix, we are proud that our award-winning app for smart charging electric vehicles will now be available to UK drivers. We are the first company to use over-the-air connectivity to the vehicle to enable smart charging. Our free app supports a wide range of vehicle models and helps drivers to reduce their energy charging costs at home. Jedlix services are independent of the car manufacturers operations.

Turn electric vehicles into a virtual pool to balance the grid

Jedlix’s software and algorithms control your smart charging based on the preferences you select in the app. This automatically decreases your energy bill. On top of that, as a Jedlix customer, you also receive cashback for every kWh charged thanks to Jedlix’s virtual power plant technology. This turns electric vehicles into a virtual pool to balance the regional or national electricity grid, replacing conventional power plants. In other words, even if your energy supplier doesn’t offer a time-of-use tariff with off-peak rates, you could still earn cashback by using our service.

Expansion to the UK

Our expansion to the UK comes as more consumers in the region are embracing electric vehicles. New UK users will join the many thousands of people currently smart charging their vehicle with Jedlix. Jedlix has set the standard for smart charging technology and will soon announce more platform partners to accelerate its British operations.

Serge Subiron, Jedlix CEO, says: “the UK electric vehicle market is a very good match for our existing platform partners. To best serve EV drivers, we’re launching a custom-built experience to support the multiple power rate structures that one can expect to find at UK homes. Smart charging is a simple way to save and earn money, drive greener, while contributing to the stability and the security of the grid, without any additional cost or hardware”.

The Jedlix app is now available to download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store (for iOS and Android). Tesla, Renault ZOE 40, Jaguar I-PACE and BMW i3 drivers can already benefit from the service, and support for other models is coming soon.

About Jedlix

Jedlix develops and operates a Vehicle-Grid-Integration (VGI) platform to optimize the charging and discharging of electric vehicles and facilitate their insertion into the power grid at large scales. Jedlix teams up with Energy Partners, E-mobility Service Providers (EMSPs), Charge Point Operators (CPOs), and car Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to reduce the total cost of owning an electric vehicle, monetize flexible charging processes on the energy and balancing markets, and optimize the use of renewable energy.

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