Cancel.MY: Now open to close anything in 10 Countries.

Cancel.My: Cancel anything in one place, started in 10 countries

Dutch startup Cancel.My helps consumers quickly and easily cancel subscriptions to newspapers, magazines, political parties, insurance companies, mobile operators, and much more. "At least a thousand companies or institutions per country, and we are now opening the 10th country this week" says founder Maarten Roelofs on his already international initiative .

Within a week after opening, the service has already attracted thousands of consumers. The service is very simple: a consumer goes to the site and searches for a company or organisation which they want to end the contract or donorship with. They're then offered to directly cancel out by letter, phone or email.

The cancellation sites get a lot of traffic through search engines mainly. People find our web pages through popular terms like “cancel + company”, or “Unsubscribe from + political party”, which are very popular searches

Today, Founder Maarten Roelofs and his business partner Sandra Hofstede went live in ten countries . Next week the service will cover twelve countries. And by the end of this year, all of Europe and the USA will be serviced by sites like Cancel.My,,,,,, and .

Cancel.My sends letters and routes the phone calls to call-centres, all for free. The consumer pays nothing . "We have a number of business models in mind, but for the next few months the service is free." says Roelofs.

The capital comes from the entrepreneurs themselves and investors from printing Foprico and telecom expert Leonard Wolters . These angel investors provide relevant technology and knowledge.

A team of fifty volunteers and freelancers graze all target countries . Every relevant entry, including the many suggestions we receive, is researched and entered into the database for immediate availability.

"The principal philosophy behind our service, and that’s why we find so many people helping us, is that fixed consumer lock-ins should be earned, not based on small print in contracts. Long-term contracts are no longer a thing people wish to accept. As a company, you have to earn the trust of a consumer all the time. Not only at the time of signing.

Apart from companies, charities, and political parties, Cancel.My and their teams are working on easy cancellation guides for online services like webhosting plans and social media. “I’m sure we will come up with something soon that will help you free your time and money through Cancel.My”, founder Maarten Roelofs says.

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Cancel.MY: Now open to close anything in 10 Countries.