Can men have as deep friendships as women? New book on the topic of male friendship: ​The Real Bro Code

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Can men have as deep and close friendships as women? Why is it that most guys find it hard to be vulnerable with their best guy friends? Are men supposed to have close friendships at all?

In the book ​The Real Bro Code​, Kim Evensen, the CEO and Founder of the Brothers organization (he’s a dude by the way) invites men to do some solid reflections on this topic. We live in a culture where men’s friendships often have been reduced to a series of shallow hang-outs, a drinking buddy or a wingman. Brothers believes that there is so much more to men’s friendships than that.

On August 1st, ​The Real Bro Code: The essential guide for dudes on how to be a bro​ will be released. We believe it’s going to be a game-changer in the lives of boys and men across the globe, inviting them to discover all that a friendship is and can be.

"I am 100% serious when I say I don’t want to put it down for a second!!" 
- Luke (18) - about ​The Real Bro Code

Is this a book only for guys? Not at all! Some of the most passionate supporters of the Brothers organization are women. Why? Because they know that if the men in their lives have deeper friendships, they’ll benefit from it as well.

Brothers is the leading non-profit organization dedicated to empowering boys’ and men’s friendships. Aside from providing books, Brothers offers workshops, talks and coaching. Brothers has met with many leaders from different countries and organizations, to talk about the importance of this topic.

Rather than fixating on the many problems that may result from men’s lack of close friendships (like isolation, divorce, depression, suicide etc.), this book presents a solution-based approach which actually gets at the root of all of this. It asks the hard questions and presents practical tools that empower men to develop even stronger friendships in their lives. Though all men are different, all men are created for meaningful connection.

The Real Bro Code is available globally as a paperback and ebook starting August 1st 2020.

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Can men have as deep friendships as women? New book on the topic of male friendship: ​The Real Bro Code

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