The deal establishes Bruni Erben as the exclusive supplier of superior ICAS wirecages throughout the UK market.

Italian ICAS, founded in 1956, is now the world leader in the production of wire cages, utilising a worldwide sales and distribution network, from Brazil to New Zealand, from Australia to the USA, and now the UK, which expects to see 3 million new vines planted in 2019 alone and 40 million bottles produced by 2040.

ICAS has become the supplier to the best-known Italian and French producing wineries and steadily guarantees a solid high-quality standard, starting from the best available raw materials through to completion of the production cycle.

Full decoration options also bring new opportunities to brands needing a way to stand out from competitors in an increasingly crowded field.

“This new opportunity is excellent news for English & Welsh wines” said Mark Crumpton, Bruni Erben’s Business Development Manager for the wine sector “The UK wine market is really dynamic, both in terms of growth and quality, which is now world class. Offering ICAS products means our customers can have an exceptional closure to match their outstanding wines.”

The new distribution deal reinforces Bruni Erben's position as a leading supplier to the UK wine industry, giving rise to exceptional quality & innovative packaging which is refined, creative and functional.

About Bruni Erben, a Berlin Packaging company

Bruni Erben is a leading supplier of glass, closures & machinery for the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and home fragrance markets. Founded in 1951, the company has developed & diversified and today offers an extensive catalogue of stock items, a design team which delivers world-class expertise to yield extraordinary results on bespoke products, and industry leading technical support. Bruni Erben also operates for convenience quantities.

Beyond our full array of products, Bruni Erben - in partnership with Bruni Glass and Berlin Packaging - offer many services designed to streamline your supply chain, boost your profits and enhance your brand recognition.

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