Brolly Sheets, cost effective bedwetting solution, sells 100,000th waterproof sheet.

Brolly Sheets is proud to announce that it has sold 100,000 units of its award winning waterproof bed linen. Bed wetting is associated with children and is something that is not talked about in polite company. However the numbers of adults at risk are significant. Nearly 4,000,000 Britons are at risk of suffering from bed wetting and the reasons range from Diabetes, cancers of the bladder, bowel and prostate, spinal injury, aging and other defects in the nervous system.

Diane Hurford, Chief Executive of Brolly Sheets UK Limited said It is not unusual for people to be very uncomfortable when I mention that we provide waterproof bed linen but when I ask those same people if they know some-one who has dementia or prostate cancer they willingly acknowledge a family member or friend.

Since starting Brolly Sheets 6 years ago, the top selling bed pad with tuck-in wings has been purchased over 100,000 times around the world. Hurford said Launching a product at the time the global financial crisis was just beginning, did not seem like a good idea. But our customers were soon telling us that together with the classic styling, they particularly liked the value for money they received. Many customers citing a low cost per use of 5p compared of 15p per use for disposable products.

She went on to say, With an ageing society and the vast majority of care being provided at home, it is vital that consumers are able to access products which meet their needs at a price they can afford. And with government increasingly unable to support communities, that access to cost effective solutions for home based care is becoming critical for large portions of the population.

The biggest challenge is to get people comfortable to talk about bed wetting and to ask their high street store for products which meet their needs said Diane. In the UK for the Naidex Expo and The Baby Show, both at the NEC in Birmingham, Diane said she was determined to provide a choice, which gave some style and comfort to users and caregivers and to try and remove some of the British reserve that makes bedwetting a forbidden topic.

With offices in the UK and New Zealand, Brolly Sheets is one of the worlds leading providers of multi-use cotton waterproof bed linen. Our products can be purchased United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.
The Flagship 100% cotton Brolly Sheet is placed over fitted sheets to provide a discreet protective layer. The waterproof sheets do not contain any PVC or vinyl and therefore provide a soft, natural and comfortable surface to sleep on. The use of cotton also allows the user to sleep without the noise and sweating associated with PVC sheets.
Brolly Sheets are available in white and a range of bright colours and are suitable for everyone from young children to teenagers and adults. The cleverness of the Brolly Sheets design is that each sheet can hold up to two litres of fluid which means accidents dont leak through and soak the mattress.
The waterproof protectors are easy to wash and can be tumble dried. Prices start at £24.95 and they can be purchased at

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