​British men suffering from underpants inertia

A third have worn the same type of pants since their teens, with one in ten relying on Mum or their partner to choose for them.

Men might be referred to as a little unimaginative at times, but when it comes to underwear choices, it would appear they are suffering from underpants inertia.

A third of British men between 25 and 45 have worn the same style or type of underwear since they were teenagers, according to new research revealed today by Norwegian underwear brand Comfyballs. A third (32%) also admitted that the only difference between their underpants was the colour.

When it comes to changing their underwear, it would appear that men really are stuck in a rut. A whopping two-fifths of respondents (41%) have never even thought about making a change, while almost a fifth (18%) have considered it, but not followed through. Whilst 50 per cent buy for comfort, 20 per cent are solely influenced by price and brand and 1 in 20 buy a certain type because they think they'll look or feel more attractive!

So, who’s the most stuck in their ways? While a quarter of men stick to what they have always known, nearly 40 per cent of forty-somethings has tried different types or styles over both long and short periods of time, perhaps indicating a more open attitude. The survey also found that nearly 10 per cent of men don’t even buy their own pants, leaving that to their partners or their mum!

Though men might be very resistant to underwear change, over a fifth have experienced discomfort as a result of their pant choice. Even more have openly admitted to “equipment” issues as a result of heat, movement, squeezing or friction.

Anders Selvig, founder and managing director of Comfyballs said: “The results highlight a need for change. The name Comfyballs might raise a few eyebrows, but it tells you exactly what to expect. Men deserve better.”

Comfyballs is arriving at major retailers this autumn and Comfyballs produce is available to buy now online at www.comfyballs.com RRP £24.99-£29.99.

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​British men suffering from underpants inertia