British company has the solution for hygienically safe touch screens


London 24th November 2020

How do you solve the problem of using touch screens when viruses are spread by touch?

Touch screens have become an unavoidable part of daily life for consumers and staff. If a screen is there people expect to be able to interact with it. During a time when we are trying to reduce contact with others, touch screens reduce person to person interaction, queuing and dwell time so given the choice, most people will choose the screen. However, tests conducted by the Microbiology department at London Metropolitan University found dangerous pathogens on touch screens. All it takes is one infected person to leave bacteria on a surface for the next person. Cleaning is one way of managing this but it is impossible to clean after each use and the excessive use of chemicals are harmful to the environment. British company Veraco has launched a hygiene product that solves this problem; the Antimicrobial “Safe Screen” cover.

The Safe Screen is optically clear, easy to apply, can come in any size and is effective 24/7. The technology works by breaking down the biological makeup of dangerous pathogens, killing 99.9% of common bacteria and superbugs on touch, as well as being effective against Coronavirus

Harrison Dingle from Veraco said, "The digital world creates situations where touch screens are unavoidable, introducing the Safe Screen provides an innovative solution to help tackle cross-contamination so they can continue to be safely used"

About Veraco Limited

Veraco is a London based specialist in antimicrobial technology. We design and manufacture infection control products for hygiene-critical touchpoints.

We develop solutions that help reduce the risk and spread of dangerous pathogens to create a much safer, cleaner environment for hygiene critical ‘zones’. 
Any frequently-touched surface has a huge risk of cross-contamination and it’s often unavoidable.

We use antimicrobial technologies that actively kills germs on touch. The antimicrobial technology has undergone testing in accordance with BS ISO 22196 and BS ISO 21702:2019

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British company has the solution for hygienically safe touch screens