Bravington Capital Reveals Plans to Expand to the USA

Bravington Capital, an event marketing company based in Southampton have stated that they are looking to expand to the USA in the next few years. MD Alex Mousley understands that a goal this big will need effective preparation, so he is putting in the plan and steps necessary to achieve it.

About Bravington Capital:

In determining their approach, the company has taken inspiration from Abraham Lincoln, well known for his energy and productivity. Lincoln’s secret to being more productive was to use sharper tools to get the job done more efficiently. He said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Lincoln, who was a skilled woodcutter before becoming president, probably meant this both literally and figuratively. Inefficient tools waste energy. It's better to spend the majority of your time finding and cultivating the best tools for any task.

For Bravington Capital, sharpening their axes involves recruiting the next game-changing talent to their team. The company adopts a tactile recruitment technique, warning against employment based on only experience and qualifications. Finding individuals with the right mindset is its top priority: “It is crucial to have a team under the same cause, with a similar understanding of what success means, says Managing Director Alex Mousley.

Once the right team is recruited, it is important to train them under the same directive. Doing so makes driving sales easier, and also means the business owner can afford to delegate more responsibility to their team members. According to London Business School, nearly 60% of companies face leadership talent shortages, having an adverse impact on the overall performance of the business. Thus, it is crucial to develop new talent, best recruited through the rankings of the company. Bravington Capital takes this approach in developing its team members skills and helping them to progress their career.

Bravington Capital is a determined and ambitious direct sales force that links Fortune 500 companies to their future consumers. The firm develops innovative ways to promote clients products and services. Through a direct sales and marketing approach, they can receive instant feedback from the customer at the point of sale, allowing them to stay one step ahead of new market changes. Their event marketing techniques include highly targeted direct selling promotions, merchandising, auditing, sampling and demonstration, and building individual and personalised relationships with consumers. Bravington Capital's services generate a high return on investment (ROI) - a key feature and benefit of direct marketing and sales.

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