BellaVista Promotions reveals why marketing is so important

Plymouth-based BellaVista Promotions reveals why they believe marketing to be so important in the business world and outlines how their face-to-face marketing campaigns are more personal than other forms of marketing.

About BellaVista Promotions:

BellaVista Promotions points out that marketing is important for any business because it helps to raise brand awareness, company image, and supply and demand – all things that help a business to survive and thrive. BellaVista Promotions also believes that, if done properly, brands can learn from their marketing campaigns and understand more about what the consumer needs from a product, service or from the brand in general. All of this will help a business to grow and make truly valuable, long-lasting connections with consumers.

BellaVista Promotions specialises in face-to-face event marketing which they believe is a much more personal form of marketing than traditional marketing methods such as TV advertising. The firm believes that by connecting with consumers one-on-one at specifically tailored and unique events, they are really able to understand what the consumer needs and provide them with the best solution possible. This personal connection with consumers is what helps the firm to increase brand loyalty and brand awareness. Face-to-face, direct marketing campaigns also allow the firm to target a brand's specific target market and therefore makes them much more likely to invest in the product, whereas a TV advertising campaign connects with lots of people, most of which have no interest in the product.

The firm believes that all brands need a strong marketing campaign in order to put the word out about their brand. "You could have the best company culture, and the best product available but without a strong marketing campaign nobody will know that it exists," stated a spokesperson for the firm. A good marketing campaign should make a real connection with consumers and offer solutions to a problem that they might have. It should also raise brand awareness and create an understanding of what the brand is all about, points out BellaVista Promotions.

BellaVista Promotions is an outsourced sales and direct marketing company based in Plymouth. The firm specialises in a personalised form of marketing whereby they connect with consumers on behalf of their clients' brands. They work closely alongside their clients to establish their goals, target markets and ideal consumer profiles. Once these decisions have been made the firm develops highly personal and unique campaigns and takes them directly to consumers via face-to-face event marketing techniques. This helps to create long-lasting and personal connections between consumer and brand and often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

BellaVista Promotions offers a Business Development Programme for those interested in developing their sales and marketing skill sets. The program gives candidates the opportunity to learn what marketing really is and what it involves as well as experiencing sales roles, leadership positions and business management and strategies.

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