Become a leader, not a follower using MJ Experia Marketing’s 8-step Guide

The most successful companies achieve their status because they have great leaders. MJ Experia Marketing believes a lot of their success has been built on foundations of solid leadership and the firm has revealed their 8-step guide to becoming a leader not a follower.

Being an effective leader does not come with a job title. It is based on experience and the way we look at the world, finds MJ Experia Marketing. Matt Wassall, Managing Director of MJ Experia Marketing, says: "Anyone can learn how to be a leader, no matter what their position is in a company. Nevertheless, not every manager is a leader. There are certain leadership qualities that differentiate a true leader from others." MJ Experia Marketing explains that some people are rather reactive and pessimistic, while others are looking at things proactively and optimistically. Some try to tackle obstacles, others take on new opportunities. MJ Experia Marketing reveals their 8-step guide on how to be a true leader and help drive their business forward.

About MJ Experia Marketing:

1. Take ownership

MJ Experia Marketing says that true leaders take ownership and hold themselves accountable for their actions. Should mistakes occur, they admit to those and learn from them instead of passing the blame to someone else.

2. Be un-stoppable

While followers are often thrown off course when obstacles arise, true leaders expect challenges to happen. They see new opportunities and continue to work towards their goal.

3. Be humble

According to MJ Experia Marketing, leaders are humble. They don't need to stand in the spotlight and they would only ask others to do things they would be willing to do themselves.

4. Enjoy what you do

Followers seem to see their job as a necessary substitute for their life. MJ Experia Marketing explains that leaders on the other hand are truly passionate about what they do and feel their job is part of who they are.

5. Be self-driven

MJ Experia Marketing state that followers are motivated by status, recognition or the next title. Leaders however are self-driven and want to be successful as part of their nature.

6. Other people's opinions count

While followers are very conscious about job titles, leaders listen to everyone, no matter what is printed on their business cards. They understand that valuable ideas from front-liners can have a crucial impact on the overall goal and business success.

7. Think 'team'

MJ Experia Marketing says that true leaders are team players and they understand that the only way to achieve the overall goal is through other people. Everyone plays an important part of the success, explains MJ Experia Marketing. Followers in return are rather focused on what they can achieve individually.

8. Continuously develop yourself

MJ Experia Marketing says that leaders understand life is a continuous learning process, no matter how competent they are or how much experience they have.

MJ Experia Marketing offers a Business Development Programme to entrepreneurial-minded individuals who seek the relevant skills and guidance to start their own business. MD Matt Wassall explains that participants gain a solid leadership foundation that will prepare them to build their business and to successfully lead a team.

Based in Birmingham, MJ Experia Marketing are an outsourced sales and marketing company. The firm acquires new customers for their clients through their in-store and event marketing promotions. MJ Experia Marketing is now planning to expand into further locations in the beginning of 2016.

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