Be Safe and Be Seen with Albedo100 Reflective Sprays

‘Accurate statistics for road accidents involving horses are not available, but the British Horse Society estimates that there are 3,000 such accidents each year, about half of which occur on minor roads.’
[ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 09 May 2013].

In the 2011 Annual Report, the Department for Transport stated that 859 of all accidents, reported to the police in 2011, were due to poor visibility and pedestrians wearing dark clothing at night. 66 of those were fatal.
[ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 03 June 2013].

Anyone that goes riding, cycling, jogging or walking, in the early morning or early evening, when light conditions aren’t at their best, will know about the dangers involved with road traffic, it is essential to stay visible! Fluorescent, reflective vests, ankle bands or stirrup lights are an effective way to ensure you are seen by oncoming cars but there is another New product on the market that can help. It can ensure your clothes, your helmet and even your horse or dog are visible! This product is Albedo100.

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Albedo100 Reflective Sprays are a range of innovative new aerosols, designed with safety in mind.

This light reflective spray enhances visibility in low light conditions and ensures you are, either, seen by others or that you can see objects that may otherwise cause danger. Perfect for activities such as evening walks, camping, outdoor sports, and horse riding…see and be seen!

Albedo100 Reflective Spray reflects the light in the same direction as the light source. This means that when you have a thin layer of spray on your clothes, and you are hit by light, such as headlights, only the driver and passengers in the car will see the reflection.

Produced in Sweden and developed for Nordic conditions, Albedo100 is easy and safe to apply and boasts four variants; Light Metallic, Invisible Bright, Sparkling Grey and Horse & Pet. Available in permanent and non-permanent, Albedo100 is perfect for use on clothing, pushchairs, a bicycle and helmet, mail boxes, the dog lead, the tail and legs on your dog or horse and much, much more!

Be safe and be seen with Albedo100!

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