Battle Of Cable Street To Be Commemorated By 5,000 Activists On Sunday 7 October 2016

The 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street, when Britain's home-grown Fascism was defeated by enraged East Enders, will be commemorated by 5,000 activists in London on Sunday (9 October).

Sunday's event will see people assembling at 12.00 in Altab Ali Park, Adler St, London E1 before marching to Cable Street E1 for a series of speeches.

It was on 4 October 1936 that the people of the East End inflicted a massive defeat on Sir Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists.

Attempts by Mosley's cohorts, protected by 10,000 police, to march through Whitechapel - home to a 60,000-strong Jewish community, many of whom had fled persecution in Russia and Eastern Europe - were routed by more than 100,000 anti-fascist, anti-racist protestors from the local area.

They were supported by those who came from across London and beyond to stand shoulder to shoulder against Mosley's 7,000 black-shirted foot soldiers.

Unite national Community co-ordinator Liane Groves said: 'I am proud Unite is one of the organisations involved with Sunday's commemoration.

'The Battle of Cable Street is part of our history, one of which I am inspired by. When people stand together for good they can expel evil. Solidarity above all is the lesson Cable Street can teach us.

'Under a banner of community, we can defeat divisive factions that separate us. 80 years on the battle resonates with what's happening today with the way immigrants are being blamed for all society's ills.

'Once more, we must stand together. The far right is raising its ugly head, once again, and only through solidarity can we defeat the evils of prejudice. That's why - as far as Unite is concerned - it's time to remind people that we don't have to accept hate and what solidarity can achieve.'


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