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Bamboosh is incredibly proud of their dedicated workforce of sales and marketing professionals, and after conducting research into success drivers believes that it is this network of ambitious young professionals that has helped them to accomplish greater goals.


For a while now, sales and marketing firm Bamboosh has been hugely interested in the degree to which people are influenced by those around them. It’s no secret, especially in the business world that an individual is the average of the five people they spend the most time with. They become an amalgamation of their attitudes, habits, behaviours and values, which many people do not realise can both boost and destroy their potential for success.

In business, Bamboosh believes that if a professional is spending time with driven and passionate peers, who push them to want to become the very best version of themselves, then this influence is ultimately positive, and a core driver of success. However, influence can become problematic when a professional begins to spend their time with those who do not share their values or drive to succeed. This will eventually bring a professional down and cause them to set lower standards for themselves and find contentment in the mundane.

Unwilling to let young people step back from their dreams and be influenced by those without drive, this investigation has led Bamboosh to launch their own initiative to help professionals within their industry build better support networks and seek to connect with people who will lift them up on their journey.

Through weekly meetings and workshops, Bamboosh encourages greater collaboration between their workforce. The firm is also dedicated to linking them with industry experts from across the UK and regularly attends national industry events with these young professionals to help them access a greater network of support and inspiration. Bamboosh believes that by interacting and spending time with people who share their values and support their ideas, Bamboosh’s young professionals will find the motivation to transform into successful marketing leaders and build long term success within the industry.

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Bamboosh Open Up About Support