BamBoosh Host Motivational Workshop on Richest Self-made Billionaires

As advocates of entrepreneurship, sales and marketing specialists BamBoosh decided to hold a motivational meeting for their staff and contractors this week, highlighting the successes of the six richest self-made billionaires in the world.

About Bamboosh:

Bill Gates – Co-Founder of Microsoft – Net Worth: $86 billion

Jeff Bezos – Amazon Founder – Net Worth: $82 billion

Amancio Ortega – Co-founder of Zara parent company, Inditex – net worth: $83 billion – wealthiest retailer in the world

Mark Zuckerberg – Co-founder of Facebook - $70 billion

Larry Ellison – Co-founder and CEO of Oracle - $59 billion

Michael Bloomberg – Founded Bloomberg LP – Net worth: $52 billion

As BamBoosh explained in the workshop, these billionaires have come into wealth through extraordinary dedication and innovation. The path to becoming an influential figure is not an easy one and the firm made a point of outlining how these leaders experienced many difficult trials and tribulations during their rise to fame, relying heavily on their leadership skills, integrity, passion and resilience to move forward. By sharing the stories of these billionaires, BamBoosh hope to inspire and develop these transformational characteristics among their workforce of ambitious young professionals.

During the workshop, BamBoosh motivated their contractors with some top tips, based on the traits that all six billionaires possess:

  • Polish your communication skills – whether by email, writing or orally presented. Plan what is said or written, so that the message can be delivered effectively.
  • Examine situations carefully – Become self-aware, determine how others act with integrity and execute the correct responses to each and every situation.
  • Fulfil your promises – Make sure that goals are fulfilled so that the company will always be able to push forward, innovate and find success in its objectives.

BamBoosh regularly hosts workshops to inspire their contractors, using example of the world’s most successful people. By providing their contractors with the relevant training workshop BamBoosh are able to communicate fresh ideas and methods which can then be adopted for both the personal and professional development of their contractors.

BamBoosh are always on the look out for fresh new talent to come aboard and begin their journey to become an entrepreneur through the firm’s professional development programme. Professionals who join BamBoosh are able to propel their careers into the sales and marketing industry through the enthusiastic and hands on approach of management.

Based in Maidstone, BamBoosh are providers of outsourced sales and marketing solutions; specialising in customer acquisition, personal development and direct marketing. A range of businesses work with the firm due to their flawless ability to build lasting relationships with customers by providing excellent customer experiences throughout a range of different campaigns. BamBoosh strategically plan, develop and test marketing campaigns designed with the target audience in mind. Ensuring that they deliver the results clients desire everytime.


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BamBoosh Host Motivational Workshop on Richest Self-made Billionaires