BamBoosh Inspires Its Workforce With Sports

Sales and marketing firm BamBoosh has long supported the theory that sport can teach a lot about how to succeed in the business world. As such, the firm recently revealed exclusive details about an upcoming sports incentive they have launched.

About Bamboosh:

BamBoosh, one of the UK's leading outsourced sales and marketing companies, suggests that certain attributes can be learned from athletes. In fact, BamBoosh's MD points out that many successful business owners he knows or aspiring entrepreneurs with a background in sports have developed into popular and effective leaders. In order to drive performance, the firm is reinforcing those attributes that can be applied in both business and sports, and in line with this, introduces a new incentive for their workforce.

Based in Maidstone, BamBoosh organises and runs sales and marketing campaigns to promote and sell their clients' products and services. The firm is a big supporter of entrepreneurship and mainly works with young, ambitious people who seek the relevant skills, guidance, and experience to open up and run their own successful business in the future. "We have made it our mission to support aspiring entrepreneurs. The majority of them is very ambitious and competitive, many of them come from a sports background and truly thrive when faced with a challenge. They absolutely enjoy their self-development", explains BamBoosh's MD.

In business, it is crucial to continuously develop leadership skills in order to engage the people who work towards the same company goal, believes BamBoosh. Many athletes have already developed a set of leadership qualities that can be applied and have a positive impact on business. One of the most important attributes is teamwork. People who feel supported are more engaged and motivated to go the extra mile for each other. Successful leaders stay in touch with their teams during the process and recognise them for their great performance along the way. BamBoosh's MD adds: "We have observed that especially leaders with a sports background find it easier to implement a sense of unity in the team."

In addition to that, BamBoosh has observed that previous athletes are very organised and always come up with a game plan before starting a new campaign. They know everything about the client, their brand, target audience and go through a number of scenarios in their head before they go live. This increases their success rate. BamBoosh points out that their competitive drive is what makes them achieve their goals. Athletes have an incredible self-discipline and endurance and are not stepping down should they fail. Instead, they get up again and again until they figure out a way to make things happen.

BamBoosh points out that a number of the professionals they work with comes from a sports background and describes that these particular individuals have made a positive impact in the company. Not only do they have a great work ethic, but their team spirit and drive to succeed have led to increased sales and productivity.

In order to keep momentum, BamBoosh is now set to take their top performing professionals to Lord's, the Home of Cricket, to watch a number of games in style from a private box with the best views in the house, exclusively for 18 participants. BamBoosh believes that this incentive will boost motivation and generate an even greater excitement about sports, getting more and more individuals inspired by what can be learned from it.


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BamBoosh Inspires Its Workforce With Sports