Bamboosh Gets Ready for Their Busiest Year Yet

Bamboosh, a fun and fresh thinking sales and marketing firm have already been clocking up the air miles this year. However, the firm exclusively revealed last week that their travel plans are set to skyrocket over the second half of 2017.

About Bamboosh:

Bamboosh, an outsourced sales and marketing company based in Maidstone, reveals their travel plans for the remainder of this year and explains why travelling has become a crucial part of their business success. Bamboosh points out that travelling allows them to meet people from all over the world that they would not normally interact with. This could be with a complete stranger on the plane, an existing client or other industry professionals, all individuals with different backgrounds and experiences and hence new opportunities that may arise.

Back in February, Bamboosh travelled to Miami and spent time with one of the USA's most successful business owners of the outsourced sales and marketing industry. Only recently, the firm returned from a trip to New York, where they attended the annual sales and marketing gala. During this journey, Bamboosh was specifically invited to share their advice on achieving success with young professionals. The firm gladly accepted the invitation, as travelling is what keeps their motor running.

Networking is one of the activities Bamboosh takes very seriously. In fact, the firm arranges regular networking events in their own region, nationwide and now even overseas. Getting in direct contact and meet other business owners face-to-face outside their office environment keeps ideas flowing, it encourages innovation and provides tips and guidance when challenges arise. "Sharing experiences with other industry professionals all over the world is particularly interesting as everyone has a different story to tell. It makes you keep an open mind and get a creative edge", says a spokesperson of Bamboosh. In addition to that, building relationships on a face-to-face basis has increased the amount of the firm's business deals and opened up new travel opportunities in the months to come.

The recent trips were only the beginning. Bamboosh has kicked off a busy travel schedule for the remainder of 2017. Later this month, the firm is preparing to go to the south of France together with some of their top performers for an R&R trip. There are a number of fun activities planned to boost motivation, rewind and of course to build relationships with like-minded business owners. Amongst others, parts of the agenda include jet skiing, other sports activities, and networking events. Of course, Bamboosh will also take advantage of the stunning coastline and use the time to recharge batteries.

Once back in the UK, Bamboosh will prepare for their next trip in September when they travel to Australia for an upcoming sales and marketing awards ceremony.


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Bamboosh Gets Ready for Their Busiest Year Yet