Atlas Outsourcing Warn businesses to Rethink their Approach to Customer Feedback

After news that The Cooperative are desperately reaching out to customers for feedback after a disappointing year, Atlas Outsourcing review how constantly appealing to customers for feedback could be detrimental to a business.

Customer feedback is an integral part of product and service development. Businesses invest a lot into understanding their customers in order to provide a service that suits their needs, and the most direct way of doing this is to approach the consumer directly. Atlas Outsourcing understands the importance of customer feedback and regularly help their clients’ build stronger, honest relationships with their customers. However, the sales and marketing firm are concerned that many businesses may be approaching customers for feedback in the wrong way, and losing a percentage of their audience in the process.

Recently, The Cooperative received a backlash from customer and media as a result of their online ‘Let’s Talk’ hub aimed at collecting customer opinions and improving their services. The business which prides itself for being a member owned company felt it was important to involve their consumers in any development plans for the business. Sales and marketing firm Atlas Outsourcing agree that its important to involve existing consumers in these business decisions, however believe it was their approach to collecting and reviewing the data which brought about such negative attention.

The Cooperative received over 180,000 replies and tweets from consumers regarding how they could improve their services, but as of yet have failed to make any changes to their business model. The problem with actively opening a dedicated online forum for consumer feedback means that business has an expectation to live up to. By encouraging customers to share their opinions businesses are suggesting to their customers that are ready to make changes However, The Cooperative have failed to take on any of the suggestions made by their customers, leaving their loyal consumers feeling undervalued and ignored.

Inviting consumers to share their opinions and ideas is not a move to be taken lightly as the process can have a serious effect on their reputation. Many businesses, especially those struggling to keep up with market trends may lean to heavily on consumers without even realising. The need for feedback and guidance can mean businesses turn to more invasive and disruptive ways to gain feedback. Whereas a business may think calling or texting customers is a direct way of acquiring feedback, consumers are likely to find the process frustrating, and may cut ties with that business.

Atlas Outsourcing believes the best way for gathering honest feedback is through direct marketing techniques. Face to face interaction is becoming increasingly popular among businesses thanks to the strong customer relationships it creates and maintains. Atlas outsourcing who specialise in event marketing believe that approaching customers in a neutral setting and creating a channel for open and honest communication is the most effective way of collating customer feedback. The opportunity for one on one interaction with a brand allows the customer a chance to be heard and understood, and the feedback collected can be shared with almost instantly, meaning the customer has a far greater chance of seeing their suggestion put into action.

Atlas Outsourcing think it's great news that businesses like the Cooperative are turning to their customers for suggestions, yet urge businesses to carefully consider their approach to collecting feedback from the experience of the customer. 

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Atlas Outsourcing Warn businesses to Rethink their Approach to Customer Feedback