Atlas Outsourcing: The Ultimate Guide to Business Travel in the USA

After recently returning from a trip to America where they met with leading industry experts and business moguls, Atlas Outsourcing have offered their ultimate guide to travelling to the USA to help make business trips a breeze.

About Atlas Outsourcing Ltd.:

Atlas Outsourcing are keen travellers as they believe building a strong network in business can create opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible. Atlas Outsourcing’s CEO Matt Stewart has recently returned from a business trip to the USA. Visiting Miami, the businessman was given the opportunity to meet and gather advice from inspiring entrepreneur Grant Cardone. During the meeting, Matt Stewart and his associates from the UK were able to ask Cardone about his own experiences within the sales sector and gain his insights into common issues faced by today’s entrepreneurs. Matt Stewart also visited New York City and Baltimore in 2015 where he had the opportunity to attend the annual sales and marketing awards as well as business conferences.

Speaking about business travel, Matt Steward states, “Often business travel has strict deadlines to meet and entrepreneurs need to be confident in their ability to maintain ‘work mode’. They should aim to maximise opportunities during a shorter time frame and by setting up a business itinerary beforehand allows time to be saved through carefully planned travel arrangements.”

To help entrepreneurs prepare for business trips, Atlas Outsourcing offer their top travel tips:

Pack Light – The firm recommends packing essentials and business attire in hand luggage sized cases. This reduces time spent waiting for checked-in items to be removed from the plane and alleviates risk of lost luggage, causing unnecessary stress and delays to the trip.

Business Cards – For a networking trip these will be essential in delivering a lasting impression on potential business contacts. Entrepreneurs should select a clear crisp design that best represents their personal brand. The firm recommends investing in a business card case to ensure they are kept in tip top condition.

Chargers – To maintain work tasks it will be important to bring suitable chargers and location-specific converters. For frequent travellers, the firm recommends investing in a multi-charger to ensure devices are readily available when needed.

Clothes - Select a wardrobe that offers a colour scheme that creates multiple outfit options - neutral colours work best. The firm recommends packing easy-iron clothes as hotel appliances can often be poorer quality than those at home. Packing a pair of leisure shoes for in between travelling to meetings for comfort is also recommended.

Atlas Outsourcing is an ambitious outsourced sales and event marketing firm in Nottingham that concentrates on delivering face-to-face sales and marketing event campaigns. The firm’s personalised approach not only provides great customer service but also new custom for their clients’ brands.


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