Atlas Outsourcing Review how direct marketing could prevent consumer isolation

As consumers grow ever wearier of customer services being driven online, sales and marketing firm Atlas Outsourcing look at how direct marketing could prevent consumers from feeling isolated from their favourite brands.

Consumers are returning to their local High Streets to overcome the isolation of online services. Atlas Outsourcing have looked into a survey that shows 57% of consumers fear greater isolation developing within society as more services are driven online. 74% believe that high street shops offer a less isolated service and 91% believe that the high street is important to support local businesses. On top of this, Atlas Outsourcing discovered that over a quarter of those surveyed have regretted buying something online because they didn't check the details closely enough and a shocking 39% have had to end an online purchase because they couldn't speak to anyone to solve their query.

After looking at these statistics Atlas Outsourcing believes that although online services are efficient and less expensive for business owners, they are creating a barrier between consumers and businesses. Some companies are not making it clear where to go when a consumer has an issue or a query and this is resulting in frustration amongst consumers and often results in the brand missing out on a sale. Consumers appreciate a quick and easy service not only when they are buying a product but also when they need further information. Many online services are quick to take the money but not quick to provide this extra service the consumer desires, which leaves them feeling isolated and frustrated.

Atlas Outsourcing feels that direct marketing could be the solution. Direct marketing could help to bridge the gap by offering consumers the chance to interact one-on-one with a brand rep. Consumers often appreciate a face-to-face conversation and this helps to cement a long-lasting relationship with the brand. Atlas Outsourcing believes that direct marketing is bringing back a high level of customer service to the high street though in store or event promotions. Problems and queries are solved much quicker when dealing with someone in a face-to-face situation rather than via a computer screen and consumers value the efficient service that direct marketing provides.

Atlas Outsourcing is an outsourced event marketing firm with locations in Reading and Liverpool. The firm are proud to provide their clients with face-to-face campaigns that accurately represent their brands using friendly sales reps. These reps can take these campaigns directly to consumers and offer them a personalised service that helps to create long-lasting relationships between the brand and consumer. In turn, this helps to improve clients' customer acquisition, brand loyalty, brand awareness and drive quality sales.

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Atlas Outsourcing Review how direct marketing could prevent consumer isolation