Atlas Outsourcing Reveal Their Top 10 Tips for Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Customer acquisition specialists, Atlas Outsourcing are urging brands to prioritise their customer service, and have revealed 10 tips for delivering a standard of customer service brands can be proud of.

As an outsourced sales and marketing solution, many UK brands have put their trust in Atlas Outsourcing over the years to deliver an exceptional customer experience, and this is a responsibility that the firm does not take lightly ‘ we’re on the customer front line and businesses rely on us to connect them with their audience, if we don’t have high standards in place it would not only have a huge impact our clients, it will affect our business too’ states a spokesperson from Atlas Outsourcing.

About Atlas Outsourcing:

The firm’s USP, which has helped them establish themselves as a market leader in customer acquisition and retention is their commitment to face to face customer service, and their ability to form meaningful bonds with the customers they meet. In the last 10 years brands have been looking to technology for assistance in streamlining their customer service strategies. Whilst this has allowed many brands to improve efficiency and increase the number of customers they are able to handle at any one time, it has also led to a drop in the quality and attentiveness of the customer service they offer. Atlas Outsourcing were established in response to this, and by taking things back to basics and focusing on one on one communication have been able to offer both brands and customers a more personal and meaningful experience.

With the cost of acquiring a new customer famously being reported to be five times higher than that of retaining an existing one, Atlas Outsourcing are eager to offer brands assistance in providing a quality customer experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Lead By Example

Great customer service begins with great leadership. If those at the top are enthusiastic and attentive to customers it sets a standard for all.

Have Core Values in Place

This ensures there is consistency within the customer experience and that all representatives understand what is expected of them.

Treat people well

If a business treats their employees well, these employees with treat customers with the same courtesy. Happiness is infectious, and ensuring team members feel valued will motivate them to go above and beyond expectation.

Focus on the Long term

Short term incentives, such as bonuses might inspire a burst of positive results, but brands risk performance falling once the incentive is over. ‘Looking to the long term and offering incentives and programmes that reflect this outlook will maintain momentum, this is why we reward our contractors opportunities to further their progression and build a brighter future within the industry’ states Atlas Outsourcing.

Build Trust

Using a customer’s name, taking a genuine interest and offering solutions that work for them and aren’t just a thinly veiled attempt to make a sale are key to building trust. Brands need to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and appreciate every customer is different.


The best salespeople spend 80 percent of their time listening, not talking.

Little Things Matter

Small details and kind gestures are often what customers remember the most.

Help them find a Solution

If a brand can’t help a customer, pointing them to a business which can will earn them great respect. Whilst they may not have made a sale, their assistance will stick in a customer’s mind and bring them back in the future.


Brands should always be aware of how special it is that a customer has chosen their business over their competitors. Openly acknowledging this appreciation will help customers to feel valued.

Treat Customers Better

If a new product arrives that would be of interest to certain customers – tell them. Keep loyal customer informed of new developments and invite them to try new services ahead of general release. Make them feel special.

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