Atlas Outsourcing Reveal the Unlikely Ways Professionals can Benefit from Procrastination

We are constantly being bombarded with warnings that procrastination is incredibly dangerous and can hamper success, but is this strictly true? Atlas Outsourcing has revealed some interesting ways procrastination can help a business professional excel.

About Atlas Outsourcing:

Most of the time in business, being the fastest and most productive provides a huge competitive advantage, allowing individuals to seize more opportunities and resolve potential problems with little stress. As such, procrastination is often portrayed as the enemy of business success as it is claimed it directly impacts productivity. As well as allowing for motivation to waver by distracting the mind, procrastination is also believed to effect memory, by forcing the brain to work harder and remember information under pressure. Whilst in this aspect procrastination may seem like dangerous territory, sales and marketing firm Atlas Outsourcing believe that if conducted in the correct way, business professionals can actually benefit from procrastination. The firm believe that taking time off to free the mind can be an important process for hard working entrepreneurs. Trying to accomplish too much in a short space of time can lead to poor decision making and cause an entrepreneur to 'burn out' under the pressure. Putting off certain tasks and allowing themselves to enjoy some down time can help an entrepreneur to stay level headed and perform better in the workplace.

To help professionals identify how to use procrastination in a positive way and not let it impact their drive to succeed, Atlas Outsourcing have outlined 4 important steps below.

1) Choose which tasks to procrastinate with carefully

Not every task is given the same priority, and for procrastination to work in a professional's favour it's important for them to be able to identify which tasks they can afford to put off. Instead of lounging around, professionals can even use these high priority tasks as a source of procrastination, as completing these tasks can offer them the opportunity to 'put off' more mundane, unnecessary tasks.

2) Avoid Overloaded Schedules

It's human nature to optimistically overload our schedules and assume we can do more than we can. An overloaded schedule causes nothing but stress and sometimes putting off those tasks which can be classed as 'wishful thinking' can help a professional be more productive when it comes to the more important commitments. Purging an overloaded schedule is good for the mind.

3) Procrastinate to Make Better Decisions

In business people often feel rushed when tasked with making a decision. Putting a decision off for as long as time will allow will offer a professional the time to research their options and approach the situation with a clear and calm mind.

4) Procrastination Fuels Creativity

Procrastination provides precious time to think, which can help a professional tap into their more creative side and come up with innovative ideas that they simply would have missed out on before. Professionals shouldn't get angry with themselves for procrastinating; if their mind needs a rest to refuel they should let it.

Atlas Outsourcing is a thriving sales and event marketing firm that helps businesses to reconnect with their target market through face-to-face communication. Meeting with customers directly, the firm are able to improve customer relationships for their clients by providing a more personalised and memorable customer experience, which drives sales and allows their clients to secure a positive market reputation.

Working with many young professionals, Atlas Outsourcing regularly takes the time to educate on the subject to balancing work and rest. The firm believe that professionals can stay on top of their game by allowing themselves the time to recharge, and are committed to organising regular social events outside the workplace.

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Atlas Outsourcing Reveal the Unlikely Ways Professionals can Benefit from Procrastination