Atlas Outsourcing Promotes Face-to-Face Marketing as a Viable Customer Service Method

With automated customer service systems causing increasing frustration among consumers, sales and marketing firm Atlas Outsourcing share why they hope more businesses will adopt a face-to-face approach in 2015.

It seems that in today's digital world, there's no escaping automated customer service, despite the frustration these methods cause. Automated phone services often have customers going round in circles without ever speaking to a real person, whilst online customer service solutions have an annoying habit of disconnecting customers, or failing to provide adequate help or advice. The majority of businesses adopt these solutions in order to handle their growing customer base or to streamline their existing services. However, in many cases customers end up feeling isolated and disconnected from their favourite brands. Atlas Outsourcing believe that for customers to feel valued, it's important to make customer interactions as easy as possible and that technology shouldn't stand in the way of building strong customer relationships.

Atlas Outsourcing specialise in outsourced sales and event marketing, regularly using face to face interactions to help their clients achieve their goals and grow their businesses. By meeting with customers on behalf of their clients, Atlas Outsourcing allows customers to fully engage with a brand and get a thorough sense of their unique values and beliefs which helps to create more meaningful bonds between a brand and their customers. Face-to-face interactions also present customers with a chance to get straightforward and informed answers to any queries they may have about a brand, product or service. This is usually incredibly difficult when dealing with an automated system. Atlas Outsourcing ensures that before meeting with customers, all their representatives undertake extensive product and brand training. This process means that customers have access to the best possible advice and support and can therefore make confident and well informed buying decisions and fully enjoy the customer experience.

Poor customer service can have serious implications for a brands' reputation and lose them vital revenue. By only providing automated customer services businesses can leave their customers feeling undervalued. Although set responses may seem efficient for the majority of customers, these responses are not relevant and as a result customers waste time trying to get hold of someone who can help. Atlas Outsourcing believe businesses must respect their customers and by introducing confusing and often unhelpful automated systems, they feel that businesses are failing to show their customers the respect they deserve.

After the boom in digital and automated services, Atlas Outsourcing is hopeful that 2015 will be the year of face-to-face customer interactions. With the economy stabilising and customer confidence at a high it's more important than ever for businesses to build stronger customer relationships in order to take advantage of the current economic climate. With their services in increasing demand Atlas Outsourcing are confident that the New Year will see more businesses recognise the importance of face-to-face customer service and actively make chances to ensure their customers feel valued and respected.

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Atlas Outsourcing Promotes Face-to-Face Marketing as a Viable Customer Service Method