Atlas Outsourcing: Personalisation is key for Customer Retention

Reading based, direct marketing firm, Atlas Outsourcing looks into the benefits of loyal customers and how personalising a service is key for excellent customer retention.

While running a business it is important not only to attract and obtain new prospects but to insure that customers are returning again and again. Loyal customers are often worth a lot more to a business than new prospects because they are easier to sell to and more likely to buy again than a new customer is to buy at all. Atlas Outsourcing believes that loyal customers also effectively become part of the marketing workforce as they are likely to spread the word about the brand if they enjoyed their experience enough to return to it.

A recent study into the effects of personalisation on customer retention shows that 84% of those surveyed said that personalisation impacts customer retention and loyalty. But at the same time 48% of marketers surveyed say they face challenges in personalising each customer interaction. As a result Atlas Outsourcing is offering some techniques that brands can use to personalise their service.

Have a database 

Atlas Outsourcing suggests that a good place to start personalising a service is to have a database of customer information. That way if a customer calls for a query or for another purchase there is a record available that holds all of that customer’s previous information such as previous purchases, previous calls and a record of their preferred means of contact. This makes it easy to put that customer through to the right person straight away and they will enjoy the efficient service.

Cross-channel marketing

There are several ways in which customers can now contact a brand, such as, phone, email and social media. If a brand can connect with their customers on all of these levels and continue a conversation across all of these platforms then the customers will truly feel valued, as if the brand needs their feedback and knows who they are personally.

Thank you notes 

It may take some time to personally write out and send thank you notes to each customer that buys something from the brand but it adds a personal touch that the competition may not have and could keep a customer returning to the brand even if they find a cheaper option. The customer will enjoy the personalised service that comes with the brand.

Responsive websites 

Websites that are difficult to use or are unattractive are likely to put a customer off. If they want to make a query and can’t find a way through the website then they can and will go elsewhere. Online is the first place people tend to go to make a complaint/ask a question/check out a company’s credentials and if the website does not provide all this in an easy format then that could be the difference between making a sale and not making a sale.

Atlas Outsourcing is an outsourced sales and direct marketing firm. The firm specialises in making campaigns that are unique and personalised to each of their clients’ needs. The firm then takes these personalised campaigns directly to consumers through face-to-face interactions. This tends to create long-lasting and personal relationships between the brand and the consumer which leads to improved customer retention and loyalty for the brand as well as improved customer acquisition and brand awareness. 

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