Atlas Outsourcing: How will the role of Marketers change in 2015?

Atlas Outsourcing discuss the demanding role of the marketer in 2014, the various areas marketing professionals must now be skilled in and what 2015 holds for the marketing industry.

Five years ago, to become a marketer there was a simple process that was followed. The process of pursuing a marketing career began with a good marketing school, then getting a marketing degree and joining the marketing department of a reputable marketing company.

In today's marketing world, there are various different routes into beginning and maintaining a long lasting and successful career in marketing. Not only have the routes into marketing changed, topics that wouldn't have been on the radar of a typical marketer just two or three years ago are now areas that marketers need to be experienced in or at least aware of.

For example:

Data – how will data, with its exponential proliferation, enable marketers to better market to people and not at people? Data should be used to market on the customer's terms only.

Start-ups – from how the industry is evolving, the next marketing idea is likely to come from a start-up. For example, which big data entrepreneur is inventing the next Facebook or the new Twitter and who will experiment first how to use it for marketing purposes.

Platforms – Google and Facebook have managed to become the most valuable brands in the world through platforms that enable millions of people a day to interact with brands in small yet meaningful ways.

Relationships – marketers work in a world of empowered consumers so it is essential to build meaningful and personal relationships. This is so the consumers will help build the brand with the marketer.

Atlas Outsourcing, a direct marketing and sales firm, believe that with the current access to knowledge and the speed of change, everyone is a potential marketer. They believe a marketer in today's business world needs to be able to understand and work with everyone from, the data analyst, the brand publisher, the relationship manager, the start-up entrepreneur to the consumer.

Atlas Outsourcing is an ambitious outsourced sales and event marketing firm based in Reading and Liverpool. The firm have closely watched the change in the marketing industry and solely focus on delivering face to face sales and marketing techniques via promotional event marketing campaigns. The firm's direct and personal marketing approach not only provides great customer service, but also new custom for clients.

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