Asda partners with Avery Berkel and Hanshow to promote refillable solutions for supermarket shopping in the UK

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Building a partnership based on innovation.

Asda embarked on a strategic project to create their first sustainability trial store, and Avery Berkel, a long-standing partner and leading provider of retail scales, was a natural choice for collaboration. Avery Berkel's team and its digital labelling solution partner Hanshow worked closely with Asda to develop a sustainable solution for the Middleton store, leveraging their expertise in retail scales and unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation. Their collaboration resulted in a successful solution that will have the potential for a meaningful impact on the retail industry and the environment.

Although zero-waste stores are gaining popularity among independent retailers and smaller chains on the high street, they are still a niche concept in the market of larger consumer stores. Asda recognised the significance of this trend and aimed to develop a solution that would assist customers in the initial stages of their sustainable shopping journey. The result is a remarkable achievement brought to fruition by the combined efforts of Asda, Avery Berkel, and Hanshow, marking a milestone in the pursuit of sustainability in the retail sector.

The Avery Berkel Solution.

To advance the zero-waste solution and cater to the needs of shoppers, Avery Berkel partnered with Asda to develop a bring-your-own-container solution. Drawing on their specialised knowledge and expertise, Avery Berkel's team developed a comprehensive solution that included customised enhancements to meet Asda's specific requirements.

This holistic solution comprised of weighing solutions, Avery Berkel’s enterprise scale management system, and electronic shelf labels powered by Hanshow. All three components were designed to work seamlessly together, providing shoppers with an enriching refill experience. Compared to standard printed shelf and product labels, the total refill solution presented additional product information, such as refill instructions, ingredients, allergens, and storage details to name but a few.

The simple and intuitive shopper interface was accessible to customers who might not have engaged in this kind of technology before. To further support the shopper experience and deliver reassurance messaging, Avery Berkel also created a sophisticated set of screen graphics that can be used to deliver messaging direct to the consumer and which would remind them of the effect of their behaviour change.

Asda's concept store in Middleton was the site of the initial consumer trials for their zero-waste solution, which received highly positive customer feedback following its installation in 2020. Within just over a year, three more stores were added to the green roster. Asda continues to support and develop these refill trials, using Avery Berkel technology, with the goal of reducing the amount of single use plastic their customers take home as part of their overarching ambition to become a net zero carbon emissions business by 2040.

Delivering consumer behavioural change.

Asda's 'Refill Price Promise’ is a clear articulation of the company's commitment to making sustainable shopping more affordable for customers. As part of their ongoing programme of customer insight, Asda conducted research to gather and interpret the sentiment of over 3000 regular shoppers. The key outcome of this research was a clear indication that lower prices would help customers to shop more sustainably. With this insight in mind, Asda launched the 'Refill Price Promise’, stating that the unwrapped products included in the trials such as rice, pasta and cereal would never cost more than their wrapped equivalents.

To make this promise more visible to customers, Asda further collaborated with Avery Berkel and its digital labelling solutions partner Hanshow to create a scale solution that uses Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) technology, ensuring a seamless integration for an enhanced shopping experience. The ESL solution helps Asda quickly change prices in response to any promotional activity on pre-packed products, as their promise is to always be cheaper than the same pre-packed product found in store. Without the ESL it would not have been possible as the stores don’t have the ability to print price labels in store to the bespoke size needed for the hoppers. This solution enables customers to easily see the price difference between the wrapped and unwrapped versions of the same product. By using Avery Berkel's ESL technology, Asda can make sure that the 'Refill Price Promise’ is consistently applied across their stores. This not only makes it easier for customers to shop sustainably but also helps Asda to achieve its sustainability goals.

Efficient and Sustainable: How Electronic Shelf Labelling Technology is Reducing Costs.

The ESL technology used by Avery Berkel and Hanshow is part of a wider effort to make Asda's refill areas more efficient and sustainable. By automating the pricing process, Asda can reduce the cost and time associated with manual updates. Additionally, ESL technology enables Asda to make real-time changes to pricing and promotions, allowing them to respond quickly to market trends and customer demand. On top of all that the devices themselves have a battery life of up-to 15 years, and the components are made of materials that are up to 88% recyclable - perfectly fitting in with the ethos of sustainable stores. This approach not only benefits the environment but also strengthens Asda's position as a brand committed to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

To further enhance the customer experience and make sustainable shopping more engaging, Asda also wanted to make sure that their messaging was intuitive and attractive, encouraging customers to repeat their eco-friendly choices. As such, they aimed to create a shopping experience that was so fantastic that customers would want to visit their stores again and again, using the refill section and understanding the price promise. To achieve this, Asda worked with Avery Berkel to design a screen that would reward customers for using the solution. The screen would display a message thanking customers for making a sustainable choice. This approach not only encourages sustainable behaviour but also adds an element of reward to the shopping experience, making it more engaging and memorable for customers. Together the commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction is reflected in efforts to create a shopping experience that is both intuitive and enjoyable, encouraging customers to make eco-friendly choices and return to their stores time and again. Future developments look to further enhance how ESLs could improve the efficiency and efficacy of additional store operations.

Looking to the future

Suzie Hardy, Sustainability Manager for Asda, had this to say about the project: “Avery Berkel has been our weighing partner of choice for many years due to their expertise, great service levels, and reach within the industry. Their new integrated Electronic Shelf Label solution allows us to easily manage the entire offering – from displays through to checkout. These efficiencies are a key part of how we’re able to deliver our refill price promise to our customers.”

The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, with hundreds of social media users requesting similar initiatives in their local stores.

Asda's commitment to sustainability and innovation, alongside Avery Berkel and Hanshow's expertise in retail technology solutions, has led to the development of a total solution that not only benefits the environment but also enhances the customer experience. As Avery Berkel continues to work with Asda to make ongoing improvements to their eco-stores’ refill zones, it is clear that consumer demand for sustainable retail will only continue to grow. Asda and Avery Berkel's collective actions to embrace refillable and zero-waste retail is a significant stride towards a more sustainable shopping future for UK consumers. This partnership not only promotes positive change within their industry but also serves as a compelling model for others to emulate.

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