Arming yourself with information - is key to managing, ending and avoiding emotionally abusive relationships

Dr. Sarah Davies outlines the specific characteristics that describe the subtle forms of narcissistic and manipulative behaviours; helping readers to spot and move on from these kinds of toxic relationships…

Dr. Sarah Davies, Counselling Psychologist, outlines the common narcissistic traits she identifies from her work with individuals in Harley Street, London, as well as from personal experience of coercive control and narcissistic abuse.

“There are two main distinctions of a narcissistic presentation; overt and covert actions and behaviour. The overt-types are easier to spot as they are bit more ‘what you see is what you get’, but the covert kinds can be much, much harder to recognise and therefore, in many ways, more surprising and harmful. It is really important that more is discussed in the mainstream to help people learn to recognise and name the warning signs of emotional abuse. explains Dr. Sarah.

In her new self-help book; Never Again - moving on from Narcissistic Abuse and other Toxic Relationships, Dr. Sarah outlines the main types of manipulative characters she comes across in her work with psychological, emotional and domestic abuse. These include; the achievement-focused, materialistic-status hungry individuals who will use anybody and anything to get what or to where they want, those that play the victim in order to manipulate and get their own way, the rescuer/saviour - who she suggests often arrive like a knight in shining armour to overly take care and embrace responsibility of others, which although may be welcome in the beginning, is ultimately with the end aim of exuding control, isolating vulnerable partners and creating dependence and reliance. There’s the narcissistic active-addict who selfishly manipulates others to fulfil and maintain their addiction and drug-use of choice. Finally, Dr. Davies outlines the psychosomatic narcissist who she describes as using aches, pains and feigned health complaints in order to elicit sympathy, attention and care from others.

In the early chapters, Dr. Davies aims to outline the details and warning signs of narcissistic abuse and other manipulative behaviours to help readers be able to more easily identify this. Dr. Sarah Davies states “awareness and clear, useful information about narcissistic abuse, emotional manipulation and coercive control in the first instance is a key step towards positive change”.

Never Again is written in a clear and to the point manner to help make the subject of sophisticated psychological abuse accessible and easy-to-understand. As well as clearly outlining a range of complex abusive behaviours and actions to help the reader identify this in their own lives, she also outlines aspects of self-help work that supports recovery, management and the moving on from such toxic and damaging relationships. This includes developing healthy boundaries, working on clear communication, self-esteem and self-care.

Never Again - Moving on from Narcissistic Abuse & Other Toxic Relationships is available as an e-book and in paperback format now. Published by Troubador.. ISBM: 9781838590314. RRP Price: £14.99

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Arming yourself with information - is key to managing, ending and avoiding emotionally abusive relationships