Are You Underestimating Ongoing Education? Warns Visual Connect

The key factor that separates the successful from the unsuccessful is their dedication to continuous learning, states Jordan Matthews, Managing Director of Visual Connect, a direct sales and marketing firm in Liverpool.

About Visual Connect:

The most successful people read on average 2-3 hours a day and belong to organisations that encourage learning the most current information and sharing of ideas. The ability for an individual to expand their mind and strive for lifelong learning is critical to success.

Mr Matthews suggests there are three kinds of education that a person can acquire; maintenance learning, growth learning and shock learning.

The Managing Director of Visual Connect expands on each type below.

1. Maintenance Learning

This involves an individual keeping up to date with current trends and knowledge within their chosen field or industry. Maintenance learning is essential because it keeps a person up to date, on track and prevents them from falling behind everyone else.

2. Growth Leaning

This type of learning will add knowledge and skills that were not present before. Growth learning helps to expand the mind, and the newly acquired information means that a person can do things that they couldn't do previously.

3. Shock Learning

Shock learning will contradict or reverse a piece of knowledge or understanding that a person already has. The ‘shock’ will give someone an insight that can enable them to either take advantage of a significant change or to protect against it. Because most people are creatures of habit, most unexpected changes are ignored; but one should never be afraid of change, it should be embraced.

Event marketing specialists, Visual Connect create face-to-face marketing campaigns that generate new customer relationships for their wide client base. Located in Liverpool, Visual Connect has a diverse marketing team that understands the ever changing demand for unique marketing ideas. The firm takes a personalised approach, and can relate first-hand what it is that consumers want, and can adapt to market changes by analysing results.

The firm is committed to continued learning to stay at the top of the industry and ahead of the competition. Visual Connect host regular workshops and seminars to promote this continued education and the Liverpool firm also encourage their contractors to learn through reading and networking opportunities continuously.



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Are You Underestimating Ongoing Education? Warns Visual Connect