Are you living up to the responsibility you have to your customers? Asks Complete One

For a business to maintain their customer-centricity, direct sales and marketing firm Complete One recommends business owners to evaluate the contribution they are making to consumers on a daily basis.

About Complete One:

Complete One are confident that all aspects of a business need to face their responsibility to consumers. In a customer-focused business model, it is important that each department is in tune with the company's overarching brand message, and ensure that their individual processes reiterate the message to offer a consistent service throughout every consumer touch point. Consumers are all about the ‘brand experience,' and this can be a fundamental reason why businesses are struggling to establish brand loyalty.

Complete One offers a five-step guide to developing a stronger customer-centric business:

1. Complete One believes corporate goals can be a quick initial step to draw attention to consumer contribution. Once the goal has been set, it is important to communicate it throughout the business, and it can be beneficial to occasionally share this with the consumer.

2. Complete One advises businesses to create accountability throughout all departments by requesting information on how precisely they contributed to the customer experience on a specific day. Use the feedback from these results to gauge the effectiveness of current processes, and offer additional support where needed.

3. Follow-up is crucial, and it is important to offer simple meetings that focus on consumer contributions. Use these meetings to brainstorm how to streamline processes, as it is important to always take the perspective of the buyer.

4. Gather market research on consumer desires. Complete One suggests that businesses should ensure that they are developing strategies on exactly what the customer wants, as opposed to what the company wants the consumer to want.

5. Share the news when the company is getting it spot on, or making progress towards a customer experience goal. Social Media platforms are perfect for bragging.

Newcastle-based Complete One is an award-winning events promotions firm based in the heart of Newcastle's city centre. Their person to person promotions is renowned for creating amazing results. The company's clients are often a walking billboard for their ability to devise out of the box marketing strategies that guarantees ROI.

Complete One is confident in their capacity to develop customer-centric campaigns as their approach is solely based on enhancing the customer experience. Each client interaction is tailored on the spot, and the firm delivers effective and personalised opportunities for brands to be promoted in a selected and accurately targeted area.


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Are you living up to the responsibility you have to your customers? Asks Complete One