Announcing - Safe, Simple, Secure Queues in Seconds

I'm Peter Rodgers.  I'm a technologist/inventor.  I've got covid.  About two weeks ago I had an idea...

People don't feel safe queuing and businesses don't want to be in the business of managing queues.  It's a pain all round.

The idea I had was:  What is the least possible technology for a virtual deli-counter?  What is the lowest possible barrier to entry for customers?  OurSafeQ is the answer.

OurSafeQ is exceptionally easy for customers and stores alike. I've posted a very short demo on YouTube:
(excuse my weak voice I'm in the long tail with covid)

Half a dozen short guides show how to set up and operate in under 30 seconds...

The service is in the cloud and ready to use now:

Being virtual you can join a line at a safe distance from the store and you can maintain social distance until its your turn to go in.

Businesses have to be open to everyone and OurSafeQ has that covered.  OurSafeQ supports a mix of virtual and physical tickets for people without technology or otherwise aren't able to use the web.

I don't agree with making people the product, so OurSafeQ is guaranteed totally anonymous and has no tracking or advertising for the queueing customer (hence pure web and not app). It's free for mom-and-pop stores.   A small retailer can set up and be running their free queue in 30 seconds.  To cover the cost of operating the cloud technology behind it, there's a modest charge for bigger stores and enterprises.

OurSafeQ is a scalable cloud service.  It has an Enterprise ready API meaning it can be integrated easily into existing corporate solutions.  It can even be embedded inside a store's own branded loyalty app.  For major retailers we have the capability to on-board and have virtual queues operating at all your stores in under an hour.

OurSafeQ is simple, but the simplicity belies the power and elegance of the cloud technology it is built with. OurSafeQ is a microservice architecture running on NetKernel - the resource oriented cloud computing operating system from 1060 Research. NetKernel was also invented by Peter Rodgers and Tony Butterfield in the UK.

I really hope that, as more places open up, this helps customers feel safe and looked after and makes managing queues much easier for businesses. I know I'd much rather be in a queue and waiting safely in my car in the car park until it's my turn.


Journalists - Please reach out to me for the human interest story behind this invention.  Please also do your best to pick up this story and let people know - its in all our interests to keep safe.

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Announcing - Safe, Simple, Secure Queues in Seconds