This week launching from Merseyside to the UK market is devadiet, a fabulous new meal replacement brand now retailing exclusively online at The devadiet product range is designed for otherwise healthy overweight or obese adults, needing to lose weight to improve their health and wellbeing. With obesity on the rise in the UK, the mission of devadiet is to provide customers with affordable and delicious meal replacements to help make weight loss simpler. We are rewarding our first customers with an amazing 15% discount on any purchase from for the whole month of October 2016. This discount can be gained by using the code DISCOVERDEVA15 at checkout and the discount is on top of any the deals and savings already available on our website!

Devadiet is available now to purchase through the brand new website Our website makes the process of dieting so simple, by providing customers with a choice of different diet plans, crafted to match the different lifestyles and weight loss goals of our individual customers. Each diet plan contains a customisable bundle of devadiet meal replacement products, each available in 1, 2, 4 or 6 week supply. Every single one of our diet plan bundles are heavily discounted, savings of up to 55% on the devadiet meal replacements can be made by a customer purchasing a 6-week supply of one of our plans. Customers can of course buy any devadiet meal replacement product individually from our website as we offer customer’s flexibility, however to benefit from the best savings our diet plans are recommended. We are also giving away a free devadiet shaker bottle and weight loss handbook with each purchase for new customer’s this month.

We have a selection of 17 different devadiet meal replacements for customers to try, each one delicious, nutritious and high protein: 6 different flavoured shakes, 2 breakfast porridges, 6 hot meals & 3 bars. All devadiet meals are so simple and convenient to prepare, as our customers lead busy lives, we know not everyone has the time prepare their own nutritious and weight loss facilitating meals each day, so devadiet is here to help with that. Quality is valued highly by devadiet, the brand operates from a BRC grade AA food premises, with an experienced packing team preparing each bespoke order for the customers.

Ms Philippa Hardy, a director at devadiet said today: “We are so excited for UK dieters to discover devadiet. We have spent the past 18 months developing devadiet. We believe we have created an appetizing range of calorie controlled meal replacements and a selection of diet plans that make weight control less complicated and less expensive. We hope our new customer’s will be delighted with devadiet and we look forward to helping so many men & women of the UK achieve their goal of reaching a healthier BMI.”

About devadiet:

Devadiet is a new meal replacement plan, the brand operates from a business unit in Bromborough, Wirral employing 25 local staff. For more information, visit As a new brand we appreciate all the support we can get, please follow us on twitter @devadiet or like us facebook

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